Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, or Inaugurated!

The hostility to Trump on one level is easy to understand. He's declared himself a Republican, so accusations of hate, bigotry, racism, etc. are just routine. No evidence necessary. If Bernie Sanders were to have an senior moment, and accidentally change his registration to "Republican," he'd be accused of hate, bigotry, racism, etc. That's just liberal SOP.

But the intensity of the accusations is something I don't believe we've witnessed since Reagan was going to start a nuclear war, kill us all, re-enslave the Blacks, and prohibit women from having abortions, and impregnate them himself just to be fair.

I see two reasons for the intensity. Number one, they're scared to death he's going to win, which didn't worry them much about Romney or McCain, because they both basically pledged to not even try to win and stuck to it.

The other factor is more subtle. Again, unlike Romney and McCain (and Bush and Dole and old Bush, for that matter), Trump seems so damn sensible about policy — not inviting jihadis to immigrate, not trying to pick a fight with Putin, not wanting to nation-build in the Middle East or anywhere else, trying to bring jobs back to America instead of exporting them, that sort of thing, common-sense stuff that everybody can understand and agree with — that they're afraid, nay, sure that he might very well also be sensible about racial matters, which, by the liberal definition, is racism. Because, you see, the only way to not be a racist is to behave like Hillary, who just told us that all White people should shut the hell up about race, and listen, listen to everything said by anybody Black wants to get in their face and say. Especially they need to listen to Blacks who are on record as despising Whitey, like Obama, and Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. 

All that is true, but there's a third factor I hadn't thought of, and Bob Wallace has. Trump is a father figure. He wants to be a father figure. We need a father figure. In all of human history, clans and tribes and nations are best led by father figures or war chiefs (who are just a form of father figure, after all). The Russians are lucky to have one right now, in Putin, and seem to be getting their ducks in a row as a result. Best row their ducks have been in for quite some time.

Nations led by crazy-aunt figures like Angela Merkel aren't doing so well, nor are those, like Canada, which are run by big brother wannabe little brothers.

And you might think that if a father figure can run a country well, so can a mother figure, but you'd be wrong. Think about the single-mother families you know. Uh-huh. The thing about fathers, or the good ones, anyway, is that he defends the family, mom and the kids, from the society at large, making agreements with other families and coming up with ways for the whole society to remain at peace so the families can get on with living and prospering. Mothers, frankly, are basically lousy at that sort of thing, because they have a hell of a hard time being objective about the behavior of their own kids, and if there's any neighborhood conflict with other kids, mothers will defend and justify everything their kids do in spite of hell, and chaos ensues till the dads get home with their lunchboxes and straighten everything out. Yes, I know there are exceptions, moms and dads, but that's not what you want to put your money on.

And these single mothers, if you've noticed, have a hard time disciplining their own kids, especially after the toddler phase, because they have this unconditional love thing, necessary, God knows, for a mother to have, but which gets ineffective as the kids grow into adults. That's when dad kicks in with his conditional love. That sounds harsh, but all it means is that his first reaction is to hold the kids to standards, and hug 'em and stuff after they understand and accept the standards.

So no, countries run by genuine mother figures will crash and burn pretty quick, because first of all Mom doesn't discipline all that well, and is inconsistent about it (law and order breaks down) and she just loves all her cute little citizens, unconditionally, remember, so she's really generous with them (debt goes up as welfare and other freebies increase) and she's very family-oriented instead of neighborhood oriented (foreign policy is neglected and goes to hell), and when she does pay attention to the neighbors, either she treats them like members of her own family (foreign countries walk all over you, dump their useless people on you, borrow your money and don't pay it back) or she resents everything they do and overreacts to provocations or sees provocation where there isn't any (wars big and small all over the place). And all that's with a leader who actually acts like a mother.

Now, Bob isn't saying that males are father figures while females, like Hillary, are mother figures, not at all. Most female politicians are other post-menopausal tough cookies who operate just like men, such as Margaret Thatcher, or are female, but not maternal, like most of them, who resemble crazy aunts like Merkel, or something even worse, like the village feminist, who hates all men and hates even more the women who don't hate all men.

This dad stuff works much better. Let's go for it. Now to Bob, from the Unca Bob site [link]:

Trump Reminds Me of Some Fathers I've Known

When I was 20 years old and in college I worked in a nursing home. One of the men visiting his mother was loud and obnoxious, wore a herringbone coat with a garish tie twice as wide as what was stylish, and since he could never remember my name always called me "Blondie" (which was what Eli Wallach always called Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).

He was also always chewing on a huge, unlit cigar.

Yet when I met his grown kids they were fine people. So obviously he was a father who protected his kids and provided for them. He did something right, somehow.

He reminded me of Archie Bunker.

Since then I've met one than one father like my cigar-chewing friend.

All of them in some degree remind me of Trump, who is loud and obnoxious, and although he dresses well, has a godawful '50s hairstyle. And he comes across as working-class - obviously, on purpose.

He also comes across as a father (or perhaps king) who wants to protect the United States and provide for the citizens by "making America great again" and hoping to create a bunch of high-paying jobs.

And Trump's kids have turned out just fine.

Trump is some ways reminds me of my father, who really was working-class blue-collar, a high-school dropout who got his GED, and as far as I know never read a book in his life. I'm positive if he were alive he'd vote for Trump - and he never voted in his life.

Why? He once told me, "If I tried to do now what I did then, I couldn't do it." Be a general contractor, that is. Because the economy is a disaster for blue-collar workers, and neither the Republican nor Democrat parties gives a shit. Trump , at least, appears to. Maybe, like the late Gore Vidal, he realizes the ruling classes are vermin. He knows them intimately, for all practical purposes being one of them.

As I've mentioned before Hillary has a lot of sociopathic qualities - an Evil Queen wannabe. And her daughter (who is the offspring of Webb Hubbell, not Bill Clinton) is a joke.

Clinton does not remind me of my mother, but does remind me of some not-very-bright entitled women I've known, all of whom were backstabbers and completely untrustworthy. She doesn't come across as motherly at all - look at how her ridiculous daughter has turned out.

She reminds of a hostile, angry older woman whose marriage didn't work out so they blame all their problems on men.

The last President who came across as a father-figure was Ronald Reagan. Of course the media hated him just as they hate Trump, and was convinced Jimmy Carter was going to bury Reagan. That didn't happen, as they found out to their horror.

I wonder what would have happened if Trump had run as a Democrat, which is what he said he is? Would the media have swooned over him? You never know. It's not like the media has any brains.

Does anyone in the Mainstream Media understand this is a contest between a man who wants to be a father to the nation, and a woman who wants to be an Evil Queen?

Of course not! And that is why the Mainstream Media is dying - because no one takes them seriously anymore. I sure don't.
Quibcag: The first illustration is Mouri Kogoro with his daughter Ran, from Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan  名探偵コナ). Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン), who I consider one of the best dads in the Anime world. Now, he has his downside as a husband (tho his estranged wife certainly bears much of the responsibility) and he's not the greatest detective in the world (but a darned good one when you think about it), but he's one heck of a great dad. Just look at how Ran turned out. And the second I had a hard time with. I looked for "evil queen anime" and found surprisingly little, so I had to pull this Yura character out of Inuyasha (犬夜叉) and photoshop a crown onto her. Better than nothing.


  1. Trump simply says sensible things. Why antagonize the Russians? Why start WWIII for nothing? Why bring in people dedicated to the destruction of the USA? I mean all he says is simple common sense.

  2. The question you pose is an interesting one, about the hypothetical Democratic Trump.

    Certainly the man himself would not change either his personality or his approach to plain speaking, or problem solving.

    Another interesting fact to come out of recent politics in Anglophone nations is the way so called conservative parties have been subverted. None of them are conservative now. They are like a Hollywood movie set of a Western township, a simple facade erected either side of the main street. In some cases they have merged with their Left oppositions and in other cases, moved even further to the Left. An astonishing achievement by Judaic intellectualism starting with the Russian Revolution onto the Frankfurt School, the 60's etc, etc.

    In America Republicans have merged (philosophocally) with Democrats, in UK Conservatives have upstaged Labour with their social engineering, and in Australia LNP is a almost a match for the ALP.

    Those rotten facades must now fall, and quickly, if Whites are to survive even anothet 100 years.

  3. I am not very pleased with communism nor the Marxism in USA universities. Some of it had Jewish influence, but still I am not pleased because the Torah itself is pretty much into straightforward capitalism. This does lack the kind of Gothic structure of Hegel and Marx but it seems to me to be a better reflection of reality. I have been advocating a more Kantian approach for years with little effect.

  4. Hmm, I see it entirely differently. The mainstream media embraced Trump from the very beginning. Well, they doubted if he was seriously running (I knew he was), and they ran as many stories on him as possible as it was good for ratings. (Disasters always get high numbers, weather, earthquakes, plane crashes, and historically terrible presidential candidates too) So in fact the media unwillingly helped him simply by featuring him more than all other candidates combined in the early parts of his campaign.