Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How about a Non-Self-Destructive Immigration Policy?

One more time, folks. The prime responsibility of a nation/state's government is the well-being of the people of that nation/state. What goes on in other countries is secondary. People who want to come and live in the nation/state are are not a priority. Foreign policy, domestic policy, and immigration policy should all be formulated based on the interests of the people of the nation/state, and nobody else.

How hard is this, people? Why can't the talking heads grasp this principle? Sometimes it's easier to look at a principle as it manifests in another country, so as to make it more objective. Prince Albert II is the ruler of Monaco. His primary concern should be the welfare of the people of:

A. Botswana
B. West Virginia
C. Monaco
D. Uruguay

Got it? Good for you! Now, the problem is, how do we get our politicians, pundits and social justice warriors to understand this? How do we get the idiots running San Francisco to comprehend that their responsibility to do what they can to keep people like Kathryn Steinle from being murdered is actually more important than their self-presumed duty to provide a nice place for people like Juan Francisco Lopez- Sanchez to hang out when he's tired of being in his own country, Mexico. [link]

Seriously, how do we explain this to people? The same people — liberals, neocons, flaky libertarians — keep telling us that it's our responsibility to provide sanctuary for anybody on Earth who wants it, and that our government is doing the right thing, somehow, when it lets in thousands and thousands of "refugees" who do indeed rape and murder, and that if we object to that, we're racists or bigots or whatever the insult of the week is.

Essentially, these people are saying that we have no right to ask our government to give us minimal protection by even attempting to keep criminals from walking right over the border and setting up operations.

And as for any attempt to preserve Western Culture by screening immigrants, forget that. Our elites have told us time and time again that all cultures are equal.

And now, from Unz Review [link], Philip Giraldi:

Towards a Sensible Immigration Policy
National culture and identity must be respected
Quibcag: The first one is illustrated by somebody's rendition of Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā)  and if you're wondering how on Earth I made that connection, it's because I was intrigued by the notion that Edmund Burke might have been a gamer, with particular reference to that anime, which is advocated by this site [link]. The second is an old one, and I have no idea where I got the illustration. But if Solzhenitsyn has any influence left, I like passing this quote around, because it turns multiculturalism over on its head.

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  1. These globalist retards don't beleive diversity is good for them, they live in the Whitest places they can afford. They are the Western Version of the Stupid, Ignorant Cargo Cult. They foolishly believe they can live the way they do now in a brown nation. They see places like Brazil and Mexico and imagine their scrawny weak pajama boy ass as the ruling class over a sea of brown. They are too stupid to notice that these rulers are considered part of the country and not evil alien exploiters. These fools will never rule, nor shall their masters the counterfeit money cabal of central bankers. There are blood ties involved in the elites of Mexico and Brazil. They trace their families back to the colonial Spaniards and their brown serfs share some of their racial and cultural heritage. These globalists are too stupid and clueless to see this. They are aliens with no ties to any of the invaders. These invaders care nothing of their New World Order, and the false promises of global harmony and "World Peace" are meaningless to them. The globalist ideology means nothing, they come for the free shit and spoils. They share nothing in common with these fool globalist fantasizers. They are not followers or allies, just opportunistic barbarians taking advantage of a chance to loot.