Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary for Looter-in-Chief

It's been pointed out by several people so far, but I'll reiterate:

1. Trump didn't ask, in reality or in jest, for Russia to hack for those e-mails. He asked for them to look to see if they already had them, and if so, to maybe share them with us.

2. It was a joke, in the usual Trump style, and all the Dems and liberals and newsclowns who pretend not to know that are totally disingenuous and hypocritical.

3. The joke depends on the fact that Hillary was criminally irresponsible in keeping the e-mails where they could be hacked. Something they don't mention.

4. If Hillary was telling the truth, and there was nothing classified on her e-mails, and they were about yoga classes and wedding planning, then asking Russia to look for them has to be a joke, since they are harmless.

5. If she was lying, the treason lies in her behavior, not in somebody joking about it.

Are we clear on all that now? Good.

Next. There is a Putin-Trump connection, but it lies solely in the fact that Putin is a patriotic leader who puts Russia's interests ahead of those of other nations, and is vigorous and firm about it, while Trump is a patriotic leader who intends, if elected, to put America's interests ahead of those of other nations. Two guys like that can find common ground and work for their own nations, and work together to serve the interests of both. Most obviously in this case in defeating ISIS, which both want to do.

Hillary, contrariwise, seems to want to pick a fight with Russia, and instead go it alone in the Middle East, using Muslim "allies" instead. This is true of a lot of liberals and Democrats, who have been blindly anti-Russian ever since Russia threw the communists out. It broke all the liberals' hearts, and they can't forgive Putin for presiding over an anti-communist Russia.

Speaking of that, if you'll remember, when the communists were thrown out, the Wall Street crowd moved in to loot Russia — you know, Soros and that gang — and after a little initial heroism, Yeltsin unfortunately cooperated with the looting.

And now we're being looted. Jobs gone, factories dismantled, horrible trade deficits, AND Hillary is planning to bring in God knows how many third-world "refugees" to eat up the rest.

As the quibcag suggests, all our recent candidates have been Yeltsin figures, eager to help with the looting. Except for Trump, who is, we hope, a Putin figure. This from Takimag:

Putin 1 - Internation Vampires 0

The accusation that Putin has a connection to Trump, so widely repeated now by the corporate media and the Democrats with whom they coordinate, is nothing new. It also came up in the primaries. Republican political operatives and the neoconservative intelligentsia, unable to understand the threat or accept the repudiation of their failed policies, claimed that Trump’s rise was somehow aided by Russia, and that his online supporters were “Kremlin-funded trolls.”
This last charge is repeated even now. And Hillary Clinton makes dark hints about “celebrations in the Kremlin” if Trump were to win. His prudence and restraint in wanting to avoid war with Russia are presented as “evidence” that he is “Putin’s agent” by the same reckless political and foreign-policy establishment that has brought one humiliation after another to the United States over the past three decades.
There’s more than just jingoistic hysteria behind the many accusations that Trump is “Putin’s agent.” In a poetic way, this is true. The international interests that financially wrecked Russia in the ’90s are doing the same to the United States now. Putin stopped them in Russia and Trump is promising to stop them in America. They recognize Trump as the enemy and slander in the only style they know—the paranoid style.
Trump was once blamed for praising Putin’s performance. But he was right. Pensions, salaries, GDP, and the value of gold reserves in Russia have risen greatly since 1999—in some cases tenfold or more. This was while both inflation and the debt-to-GDP ratio declined by orders of magnitude. The rise in living standard under Putin is reflected in longer life expectancy: It had dropped to a third-world level during the 1990s, to around 55–57, and has now risen back up to 70 by most measures. Birthrates have normalized and recently overtaken the United States. Visit Moscow and you will see infrastructure, buildings, and development that are more impressive than those found in any American city—though the same could be said, of course, for many other countries now.
Read the rest here:
Quibcag: The girl isn't actually a hand puppet, but she looks like one. She's from Midori Days (美鳥の日々 Midori no Hibi.

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  1. I think she gave access to national secrets to foreigners for cash.