Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back Again

Just had to go off and do more medical stuff — Took longer this time, but it should be held to a minimum in future. It just gets me away from the net so I can't do this good stuff.

One of the reasons I have to go do medical stuff is that I'm an old coot, and that's what old coots do. Here's an old coot to the left, in a graphic I made for your pleasure and use on such social forums as Facebook. I'm always a little surprised to hear the latter referred to as "social media," because I just use it for spreading propaganda around.

Have fun with it.

The next graphic, a true quibcag, is a quote from Red Phillips that shows a lot of insight. True, the left does the perfunctory Hitler comparison with all living republicans, accusing them of any and all moral failings, but seem to be almost without rancor when you hear them. Why is that?

It's because they don't fear such republicans as Kasich, Kruz, etc. for one of two reasons or for both of them:

1. They're not an electoral threat. Such candidates, like Romney and McCain before them, have a he doesn't have the courage or whatever to run against the Democratic nominee.  Oh, they'd run perfunctorily, to use that word again. But would they do what Trump is doing, calling a spade a spade, and calling liars liars? Nah. They couldn't stand the thought. They'd rather lose, like McCain and Romney decided. They have a wussiness about them that assures the Democrats that if one of them ever got nominated for President, he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell, because they think they should talk about the issues, so they do, and the Dems call them racists, sexists, etc. and win.

2. Number two you might call the "what difference does it make candidates?" It mostly applies to the ones, like Dubya and his dad, and his brother whom we narrowly escaped, who, if somehow they manage to get elected, can be counted on to either go along enthusiastically with the Democratic platform from day one or cave in to it after a little futile resistance.

3. Both. And most Republican nominees fit one or the other. All the ones would almost surely be number twos if they somehow got elected.

Ah, but the Trumpster not so much. First guy since Reagan to terrify the liberals so much. Let's savor it.
Finally, a pungent refutation of one of the more hippy-dippy libertarian theories by Eli Harman. Maybe a little too pungent. But, then, reality is sometimes too pungent but it's still reality.

Like so many libertarian ideas. the unfettered free market works great until it gets to the point that it doesn't work. You know, when people start selling their children into slavery for economic advantage. Until, as Jerry Pournelle puts it,

 "The difference between Libertarian and Conservative is that Conservatives understand this, and know that unregulated capitalism will eventually end with human meat sold in market places, and slavery. Alas, many Conservatives think that everything has to be regulated and controlled."

Now, your libertarian will at this point smugly point out that slavery isn't permitted in libertarianism, to which of course we reply, "Oh, we thought you said unfettered free market."

And, of course, they have no answer for the cannibalism horror at all.
Quibcags:  The first is not a quibgag, because Clint Eastwood is not a qute anime girl. As for the second, I don't recognize the girl. The third, though, is ouf ourse from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) 


  1. It depends on how the NAP is implemented.

    My western version:

    Never DRAW first. Aim at the right target. Finish the Fight.

    If you read some of the far out libertarians like Block and Hoppe (academics!) they say slavery would be allowed as long as there was a contract.

    But that is not my biggest problem. I can prefix "most" but won't below because those who aren't are usually Constitutionalist, Christian or both.

    Libertarians are sheep bleating about how bad the wolves treat them and how things would be great if the wolves just left the flock alone.

    Liberty must be acquired by the expense of blood and treasure and the cost of the eternal vigilance to keep it is also high.

    Libertarians are like the spoiled rich kid that has never had to work a day in his life, taking wealth for granted, that even if he loses it all, he just whines and complains and plans what he will do when the wealth magically reappears. Today's libertarians think liberty is free, and the last generation took it for granted instead of fighting and sacrificing to protect it. Somehow they think liberty will magically reappear without any blood or treasure being spent and that it will be permanent without any maintenance.

    There are sheepdogs, but after they sacrifice to reestablish liberty, I don't think they will just let the sheep in. "Thanks for bankrupting yourselves and dying to establish a free nation, but we don't feel like we really owe you anything". The response will be to tell them to go clear out their own area or pay for citizenship.

    This goes deeper. When raising children, you can raise them to be sheep or sheepdogs. Prey or predator. If they learn knives and guns and the reality of where food comes from, they are likely to respect violence and learn self-control. If you raise them to be sheep, it is a more profound disarmament than any gun control as they will never desire to be able to defend themselves.

  2. I can ID #2: It's Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ).
    The braids and glasses are unusual, but not unheard of.
    A quick YouTube just for chuckles: Paul Joseph Watson on Trump... And Hitler

  3. Who will outlaw slavery and prevent cannibalism without government. Libertarians are too stupid to see that their passive ignorance of government power has given it to their enemies the globalists, socialists and communists who intend to use it to strip them of all their rights and property once they control it completely. Government is a dangerous entity. Its is a fearful servant and a terrible master. Without someone to hold its leash, it will pounce upon your like a hungry wolf to devour you and all your fantasies of peace and non-aggression. All government power is abuse. Good government abuses the criminals and the deviants, bad government focuses on the easier targets of the compliant and the passive.