Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Quick Post!

I've been busy with medical things for the last week, and haven't been able to get to the computer to post. So here's a quick post including my latest thoughts.

1. Picking Mike Pence. It surprised me till I thought about it, taking into account the fact that Trump's "mistakes" always turn out to be clever maneuvers. First, though I'm originally from Indiana, it's been years, so I wasn't that familiar with Pence, who looks like a boring White guy.* Well, Trump is flamboyant enough for two people, at least, so being comparatively boring makes the ticket more attractive to people who consider boringness a sign of seriousness. Also, he isn't that boring. He can get pretty eloquent in a traditional sort of way, and he used to have his own talk show. And he makes up for Trump's lack of government experience, having been in the House and the House leadership, as well as governor of Indiana, the latter job making him look really good by the numbers. And, finally, all the "never Trump" holdouts can now have an excuse to endorse Trump and get on the bandwagon. All they have to say is that the choice of Pence made them realize that Trump does have the right instincts and is just what we need.

2. Various atrocities. When Muslims commit terrorists atrocities, the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) always leap out to say that they just don't know what the perp's motivation was, argue about the definition of "terrorism," and self-righteously assert that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. The reason for such nonsense is that if they admitted the obvious, that the more Muslim immigrants you get the more terrorism you'll get, then they'd have a hard time refuting the logic of the obvious next step, that if you admit zero Muslims you'll get a lot less terrorism.

Did you all see Elizabeth Warren's cute little tweet?

are a perfect match: Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people.

I kind of hope this ditz is Hillary's running mate (and "mate" would have more pungent meaning than it usually does), because I've seldom heard anything quite this idiotic, have you? It really takes a comprehensive feminist education to perceive either one of those guys as "small," "insecure," or "weak." Again, feminism is a special kind of crazy. Too bad Orwell didn't live to see its later developments.

But of course Warren would balance the ticket. At first glance you might think Hillary and Liz are too much alike, both being ditzy old ladies of dubious sexuality drenched in feminist dogma. But you'd be forgetting the ethnic component. Liz is, after all, 1/32 Cherokee, or 1/64, or at least identifies as a Cherokee, and you know what that means. The great thing about Trump is that he has the nerve to call her on it and make fun of her, in contrast to the Romneys and McCains of the world,

* You know, I read recently, at Steve Sailer's blog or somewhere, that all those President's between Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were mostly boring White guys who are considered humdrum by everybody, even historians. And they presided over the greatest surge to greatness this country has ever seen. Just something to think about.
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  1. Nationalism always trumps globalism. The Chinese and Russians are trying to steal us blind because they cannot innovate, radical Muslims somehow think killing us will make us give up...and who knows what is coming next?

  2. You just have to go South to get good fireworks.

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