Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trump — Meathead's Nemesis?

Just a short one here, but I had to get this quibcag out into the netosphere asap. J. Neil Schulman, who you should know as the author of Alongside Night, the book [link; and the movie [link], starring Kevin Sorbo, during a chat on the net, made the comment, which is a praise with faint damns if I ever saw one, and, reading it over my shoulder, Karol Traven replied with his quote, which sums it all up very well, if you're old enough, like I am, and Karol and J. Neil are, to remember Archie Bunker [link].

Archie was created by the extreme left-wing hooligan, Norman Lear, and the plan was that the whole country would laugh at Archie's silly bigotry. That didn't work, and the country ended up laughing with Archie as he put up with the idiotic liberal blather of his daugher and son-in-law, portrayed by Rob Reiner, who is still a liberal idiot [link]. So I guess he never really got the jokes on the show.

Anyhow, Karol has it right. Archie Bunker resurrected, tanned and rested, prepped and briefed, ready for the White House. One of us despite his money. In fact, Trump give out more "common man" vibes than any candidate since George Wallace, and any actual President since Harry Truman.

We old coots have been dreaming that since the 70's.
Quibcag: That's Winry Rockbell of Fullmetal Alchemist  鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi), who is just right to portray the hard-hat type people, except she's not actually wearing a hard hat. Perfection isn't an option in the quibcagging trade, folks.
Oh, extra points for recognizing this:


  1. That is an astute observation about Trump and Archie Bunker. I recognize Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist - having watched all the episodes. I had a personal preference for Colonel Mustang.

    1. I have to watch that sometime, but I keep getting distracted by Detectiv Conan :)

  2. My favorite episode of All in the Family: