Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Irrelevance of the Libertarian Party — Feature or Bug?

If you're a libertarian in the rational, patriotic sense, you no doubt decided long ago that the LP is useless at best. The only time a third party got anywhere in the country was when the Republican Party formed more or less out of the ashes of the Whigs and elected Lincoln. By that time, the Whigs were gone, so it wasn't really a third party. So, to put it another way, no third party ever got anywhere in this country.

And the Libertarian Party is certainly not going to be an exception. I don't know who makes up the LP as it is today, but they certainly don't seem to have their fingers on the pulse of American thinking.

Right now, we're faced with the question of whether we want to be a country or not. Up until this year, the Dems, Reps, and the LP have pretty much been in agreement that no, we don't want to be a country. We want to be some kind of Legion of Superheroes that runs the whole world, directly or indirectly. Our policies, foreign and domestic, are designed to do what's good for the whole of humanity, not what's good for Americans. Indeed, the thought that our government should put America first is being defined by the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) as some new version of fascism, Naziism, even, and certainly racism and bigotry.

The Democrats, with the blessing of the Establishment Republicans, have sent their street thugs out to burn American flags, wave Mexican flags, and physically attack Trump supporters, to demonstrate their outrage that Trump is running as an American patriot. They show with their actions what Paul Ryan said with words about American patriotism, "That's not who we are."

Actually, making sure that we get only the best immigrants, and cutting the best trade deals for American workers, and having a foreign policy that puts American interests first and avoids pointless, counterproductive wars is certainly who I am,

So from my perspective, the policies of Hillary and her Democrats, the anti-Trump Republican Establishment, and the spergy narcissists of the LP are pretty much all the same — keep selling American sovereignty out, move towards globalism on every front, keep the Middle East unstable and dangerous as possible, and make sure Zuckerberg and his Wall Street pals make big money.

And to show its solidarity with such Globalist dogma, the LP has nominated a pothead and a liberal Republican. Now give this a read...

From Libertarians Against The Libertarian Party [link]:

The Takeover and Death of the LP – Washington Style

What a sad state of affairs.  Libertarian voters and activists are most certainly asking themselves why would the Libertarian Party (narrowly) re-nominate a failed Presidential candidate (Gary Johnson) who 4 years ago could not even earn 1% of the popular vote?  But put that question aside.  The real question is why, out of all the acceptable libertarians in the world, would he (Gary Johnson) and the Party choose a man like William Weld to be his running mate?
Is it utter desperation?  yes.
Is it a vain quest for relevance?  yes.
Is it rooted in a deep inferiority complex?  yes.
Is it an expression of a lost dedication to principles?  yes.
Is it just plain old political greed and cynicism?  yes.  yes.  and yes.
It’s all of these things but there is an even darker side to this nomination, and it is the coup de grace of the Libertarian Party’s suicide.
Yes, 70 year old William Weld is through and through un-libertarian.  He has endorsed Barack Obama.  He recently endorsed John Kasich, a Governor who is actively trying to keep the Libertarian Party completely off the Ohio ballot!  The irony is too thick to even discuss.  He supports the Obamacare mandate.  He defends the NSA’s spying.  He supports the Patriot Act.  The list goes on and on.  But even this is not the fullness of the Libetarian Party’s utter and complete fire sale of principle.
William Weld is not in this to win.  He’s not in this to spread a message of liberty.  He’s not even in this for the money or to help pay off Gary’s massive past campaign debts.  He is in this to preserve the power base of the establishment.
We aren’t talking conspiracy theories here.  We are talking about the old boys (and girls) network of Washington elites.  In bed with the oligarchs, the globalist interests and philosophical agenda, and good old fashioned greed and power.  It’s not about Bilderberg or Bohemian Grove or Skull and Bones.  It’s about the openly visible network of power players in the beltway.  And this year for the first time in a long time there is a threat on the horizon.  This threat doesn’t need them for anything, and doesn’t owe them anything.  In Washington DC you cannot trust someone like that. And just as bad, he doesn’t believe in their globalist philosophy.  This threat is in it for himself, not for the club.  His name is Trump.
Trump is no selfless patriot or friend to liberty or the Constitution.  He’s looking for power, a legacy, and he is a pragmatist; a manager, not an ideologue.  He can’t be trusted and he can’t be controlled.  In fact, he isn’t even predictable.  He breaks all their rules.  He berates their friends in the press.  He tramples political correctness.  He stares down world leaders.  He gets personal with his adversaries.  And he rejects any notion of American cooperation in foreign relations and global trade.  In short, he’s the worst nightmare of people like the Council on Foreign Relations.  Hold that thought.
The big boys have thrown everything they have at Trump.  He knocked down Jeb and the enormous money behind him.  Then they poured money into Rubio’s campaign, and he failed.  Then they poured even more money into Cruz’s campaign.  He failed.  They kept Kasich in the race several weeks past his mathematical elimination and even that couldn’t stop Trump.  They planted stories in the media, in fact for 3 months every news outlet in the country, including Fox, went to war with Trump; and it only appears to have helped him!  Now desperate to find a way to keep their grip, they look to the gullible, weak, and disorganized Libertarian Party, and they execute a simple coup d’etat.
Why can we be so confident that Weld isn’t simply a bored 70 year old former Republican Governor on some quest to redeem himself in the name of liberty after a political career that opposed libertarianism at every step?  Why walk away from the easy life that old money and a career as a partner in a private equity firm can afford a New England aristocrat?  Why indeed.
And for that matter, why shouldn’t the Libertarian Party be a retirement home for cantankerous Republican senior citizens after all?  It’s not as if the Libertarian Party has pretended to be anything other than a wing of the Republican Party in the recent past.
It’s simple.  William Weld is not just some retired centrist Republican.  He’s a trusted go-to guy this year, dragged right in the center of the mess that Trump has made on K Street.
With Trump pointing a gun at Mexico and planning to build the great wall of Texas on the border and promising to tear up NAFTA and burn it in the White House fireplace, everything the big globalist boys and girls (including Hillary of course) have accomplished in the last 3 decades is at risk.
So after burning millions of dollars in failed attempts to stop Trump, and as the Ted Cruz campaign fizzled the establishment looked to the Libertarian Party as a vehicle for Weld, and as a way to draw Republican votes away from the Donald.
What is the connection between Cruz and Weld and why would they be aligned against Trump and his nationalistic threat to a North American Community?  The connection is Heidi Cruz.  Heidi Cruz is a power player.  Senator Ted Cruz’s wife, a Goldman Sachs executive managing energy sector investments, with National Security Council and CFR cred, and in particular a contributor to the plan co-chaired by William Weld – “Forming a North American Community”.  In most circles it’s called the North American Union.
It wasn’t difficult.  The Libertarian Party, as described by John McAfee, doesn’t even take its own nomination process seriously.  Paper ballots being distributed with little to no oversight who is voting, or how many times.  Disorganized ballot counting, unclear rules, naked men running around on stage.  The LP Convention was a circus, and on second ballot even after being thoroughly booed the Johnson backed Veep Candidate William Weld squeaked onto the LP ballot.  And what was the Johnson argument for William Weld – the vague promise of some serious fundraising clout.  From where you might ask?  Probably from the same place Ted Cruz’s money came from.  Old New England Wall Street private equity and big energy sector globalist interests.  The intersection of these players?  The Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, and F Street DC.  The Council on Foreign Relations.
The now philosophically worthless Libertarian Party is in bed with Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, and the Republican Party establishment, with Heidi Cruz playing match maker.  What an orgy, and what an epitaph to the Libertarian Party.   Principled libertarian and founder of the LP David Nolan is somewhere rolling in his grave.
Quibcag: The quote is from the latlp site, and the illustration is from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā).


  1. The convention was not a circus, it was a freak show. Jason Stapleton donated one broadcast - he was hopeful that the LP could bring really new ideas and maybe some positives with Trump v.s. Clinton, both with high negatives where people were looking.

    I'm not sure if the LP's self-immolation was worse than Cruz' last week (Carly falling off the stage, Heidi calling him an immigrant, ...).

    No principles, no ideas. I expect GJ/WW to not meet the threshold for the debates. The Constitution or another party might poll higher.

    But IT WAS NOT A TAKEOVER. It is what happens when anarchy is one of your core principles. Having an ugly person trolling - he entered his name for the chairman - and stripped using his time then withdrew his nomination. There was a comic convention nearby, but the LP delegates were usually dressed more bizarrely. Many picked apart the platform which none of the candidates would follow.

    In this sense the outcome is exactly representative and democratic - two people no one would really want, most delegates more interested in exhibitionism of their "principles" than anything else.

  2. Never trust a capitalist. They only love gold. Greed isn't good, its a venal sin, and now you see why. There are no principles involved here. They don't want small government, like liberals they want John Law off their backs for smoking dope and ripping off consumers. Old Man Paul made a Grand Old Show of standing up to the Federal Reserve. He was an outsider he said. He had his partner Lew Rockwell printing pamphlets condemning Affirmative Action and standing up for Whites. Then when the GOP offered him a spot on the stage, he disavowed everything, and went nigger crazy like Glenn Beck. MLK, Malcolm X, NAACP, its all OK by me said Soap Opera Patriot Man. He crashed and burned. The GOP kicked his sorry ass to the curb after he sold out. Rand went down the same road, and his career crashed and burned too. Thirty pieces of Silver for the Goldbugs.