Sunday, June 12, 2016

Realism v. Rainbows & Unicorns

The libertarians have their little Nolan Chart, that classifies people according to their belief in freedom on two axes — personal freedom and economic freedom. It's valid, but it's inadequate, of course, when you try to apply it ta all mankind, because the very concept of freedom, personal or economic, is pretty much an artifact of Western Civilization, and most human culture doesn't have much interest or understanding of the concept. Here's an idea for another chart: Just one dimension. On one side you have realistic people, and on the other side you have "idealistic" people in the sense that they see only those parts of reality that fit their vision, or ideology, or whatever you want to call it, and the parts of reality that don't fit, they either distort till they do fit, à la Procrustes, or ignore entirely. Realism on one side, rainbows and unicorns on the other.

The problem with almost all the predominant political groupings in America — liberals, neocons, and flaky libertarians — is that they group over on the ranbow/unicorn side of the chart, being totally unrealistic about the human race. They insist on the equality and fungibility of humanity, everybody being equal as all hell, kumbaya, and the whole gooey, starry-eyed, idiotically optimistic view of everybody get together gonna love one another right now.

Even as I write this post, the TV is telling me about an "American," Omar Mateen,  who

killed at least 50 people and injured 53 and took party-goers hostage before being killed by police. [link]

Omar Mateen, from Google Images
They keep repeating, in the usual politically correct manner, that the murderer is an American citizen, in hope that their viewers will be mesmerized into classifying this atrocity as being perpetrated by an "American," and somehow forget that he's a Muslim. Hillary will blame guns and the availability of guns, of course, and continue to advocate for open-borders immigration. And when and if Trump points out that the killer is a Muslim, he'll be denounced by the Hillary Coven as a bigot, etc.

Well the TV got me slightly off-message there, but only slightly. The point is that Muslims, generally speaking, do not and can not and do not want to fit into Western society, as My Hysa says, sure, they can get along with other religions, but not in a democracy. They can get along with other religions in an authoritarian country like Syria that damn well makes them get along with other religions. If you'll notice, that was the case in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. He was a mean, cruel SOB, certainly, and he used his meanness and cruelty and SOBery to protect Jews and Christians. Oh, he didn't coddle them or even like them, but he treated them decently enough that they didn't leave the country under his rule. Now that Iraq has "democracy," though, they are leaving.
And if Hillary gets into office, we can pretty much count on her doing her best to overthrow Assad, and then Syria will have "democracy" and we can take in even more refugees, but of course we can't take in Christians first, we'll have to take in the Muslins first, because "that's who we are," or something.

So, let's not be utter damn fools, okay?  The reality is that if the West takes in Muslim immigrants, a large percentage of them are first, going to be completely useless and worse than useless in that they're going to receive massive welfare and other freebies that Western taxpayers will pay for, and will add very little or nothing to the gross national product because they can't or won't be productive. Second, another large percentage will be unruly, some participating in simple criminal behavior, like theft, rape, murder and random violence, some being more ideological and committing atrocities designed to further Islamist power and undermine Western culture.

I just noticed on the TV screen that somebody or other wants to call the Orlando attack "domestic terrorism," I suppose justified by the fact that the murderer was born in America. That way they can add the statistics to the "domestic terrorism" column, and hope that everybody subliminally thinks of it as something done by a bunch of Tim McVeigh type rednecks. And now the talking heads are talking about "the availability of guns in Florida," so we can blame Wayne LaPierre for this and give Islam and our idiotic immigration policies a pass, yet again. And a Florida state representative, I think this is her here [link], 
State Senator Geraldine Thompson,
who thinks guns killed all thos
people in Orlando, not a Muslim
2d-generalith Afghan immigrant
just showed up on the tube to blather about gun show loopholes, with not a word bout our idiotic immigration policies. Here's stuff about her on Twitter, pro and con [link].

So the lesson from this post, and the synchronic TV story, is that no, the West does not need Muslikm immigrants and is foolish and self-destrucive to admit any of them at all. As we have learned recently, Muslims born here are just as likely, if not more likely, to become terrorists, that fresh new immigrants. If a cat.... oh, I'll just say that with another quibcag. There. It's a couple of inches above. Cute cat, eh? Well, the broader lesson is that humanity is not fungible on most levels, and you have to be damn careful who sits next to whom, as any elementary school teacher can tell you, and the "availability of spitwads" isn't the problem, it's the inclination of a certain demographic of kids to throw them.

So, everybody, please don't fall for stories about how wonderfully certain Muslim immigrants like Fareed Zakaria and his sort fit in and add all kinds of vibrancy and diversity to boring old Western Civilization. You can eat only so much felafel, right? I'd rather we be a tad more boring and not have the hundred-plus casualties in Orlando, okay? Now I guess I'll lean back and listen to the talking heads remind us that there are Muslim immigrants who haven't shot up a hundred people, so what we need to do is turn all our guns in to the "authorities," That, and have little encounter session to fight the real enemy, Islamophobia.

LATE BREAKING NEWS This took place in a gun-free zone [link]!  Omar's in real trouble now!

Some more on the subject from Nicholas Stix [link].
Quibcags: The illustration is Hetalia Albania Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア), as rendered by  funkittyThe quote I got from here [link], but I was alerted to it by A Political Refugee From the Global Village [link]. Second quibcag features "the Professor," and her cat, Sakamoto, from Nichijou (日常).


  1. Paris, San Bernadino, Brussels, Orlando. What was the commonality? Oh, yea, too easy access to guns! We need to remove more confederate flags and statues!

  2. The third missing axis is how much you are willing to do to enforce the view - left or right, liberty or tyranny, you won't have it if someone else is more willing to use intimidation or violence on their side than you are to defend yours.