Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More On The Red Skull Speech, and Liberal Cognitive Dissonance About Trump AND Hitler

There's nothing new about this stunt. Cherry-pick a bunch of quotes from some famous bad guy, like Hitler or Stalin or some well-known serial murderer, and attribute them to some politician you oppose, and watch the politician's supporters cheer them. You could do that with anybody, and it's been done for years. It's done more often by liberals against conservatives, not because the quotes fit better, but because liberals are much more likely to lie about things in general than conservatives are. But it's been done both ways. Quotes from Castro or Mao attributed to Hillary don't sound all that unlikely, nor are many of the milder quotes from Hitler or Mussolini going to sound all that inappropriate when attributed to anybody right of center.

Now they're doing it a lot with Trump and Hitler. Just google and you'll find plenty.

And of course the irony of all this, as the quibcag says, is that when we find out that some such quote was actually from Hitler, or Franco, or Pinochet, it leads us not to reject the idea — it already sounded good to us — but to think maybe we had the wrong idea about Hitler or Franco or Pinochet in the first place.

And this calls to mind the Marvel Comics stunt recently, where one of their supervillains, the Red Skull, is shown giving an anti-immigrant speech, proving that immigration restrictionists are Nazis. The latest opinion on all that here — Caution: F-word language.

Quibcag: I photoshopped this, putting the Red Skull's face over that of a girl from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)