Monday, June 13, 2016

Matt Bailey Warns Us About Some Upcoming Libertarian Smugness

Sometimes I think of something, or see a pattern, and can't quite put it into words, at least not as well as I want to. So I think about it for awhile, and then I chat with Matt Bailey [link] about it. Matt, who writes a lot like Dostoevsky except that he's funny, will then cogitate about what I've said, and, nine times out of ten, give it back to me all written up pithily, the logic straightened out, and expanded to cover a  wider area than I thought it could. And then I print it, because I'm a self-effacing fellow who knows when to get off the stage and let Astaire dance.

But, more frequently, Matt just hauls off and writes something without any impetus from me. And that's what he's done here. Most of us who have crawled around in the literature know that libertarianism has good stuff in it, but is inadequate as both a philosophy and a political theory to solve all problems, or even very many of them, without other ideas that are not libertarian. We know that, but it takes somebody like Matt to express it tersely, clearly, and memorably.

A guest post by Matt Bailey:

I make a prediction:

Right now, some smug libertarian intellectual is writing an article about how if the gay men getting very drunk, dancing half-naked, and having sex in that club had *just had handguns*, they would have been able to engage the body-armored rifle-toting jihadi and THAT'S the rational solution to all acts of Islamic terrorism.

(I'm definitely pro Second Amendment, but it is not the single palliative to all security problems.)
Quibcag: This one has nothing to do at all with the blog post except that Matt wrote it. I don't know who did it, but I found it on Photobucket [link]. I figured I'd better use it now because it'll be awhile before I come up with a blog post about Egyptian barbarians.

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