Thursday, June 9, 2016

Look at the Painting, not at the Painter

Analogy of the week, or maybe the month or the year:

I just heard Duncan Hunter on Fox News. If you're a loyal blog follower, you'll remember that I mentioned him as a possible VP choice for Trump some time back [link]. Well, he just now made one of the best analogies I've heard lately, certainly the best one for this election year. Roughly, he said this:

Imagine that you need your home remodeled, and you've searched for and found the best home remodeler in the business. Overwhelmingly better than the last half dozen bozos you've given the job to. Now, he's the best, but he's not perfect. He has loud music playing all the time he works, and it's not the kind of music you like at all. He leaves empty beer cans and fast-food wrappers scattered around all over the house.

His vocabulary makes even you blush, and you don't want your daughters in the house when he's working, because he swears like a sailor, and has no sense of what is appropriate to say in social circumstances.

And his pants... Let's just say that they're too small, too low-cut, or not pulled up often enough, or all three. At any rate, you see things you don't want to see.

But damn he's a good home remodeler! And as for his competitor,  that crazy old lady home remodeler, who wants to take the locks off all the doors and nuke the neighbors...

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