Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kittens and Ovens Explicated

Here's yet another version, with yet a different person quoted. Extra points for figuring out who he is.

The point of this post is that a correspondent replied to an earlier version of this quote with the assertion that it didn't make sense, because in the context, it implied that the bad behavior attributed to Muslims was hard-wired in their DNA. I was taken aback, and then I realized that, looking at it a certain way, she was quite right. If you switched a Scottish newborn with an Afghan newborn, especially an Afghan newborn whose parents had the European look common among many Afghans, especially that iconic photo [link], they'd grow up, like the Prince and the Pauper, and the Afghan would be a good whisky-drinking Presbyterian and the Scot might immigrate to the US and murder a building full of homosexuals.

But of course that's not how it happens. What happens is that Afghans, or any Muslims, move here, marry each other if they weren't already, and have children whom they raise to be Afghans, or Pakistanis, or Moroccans or whatever. Let's just say Muslims. This entails hanging around with other Muslims, and going to Mosques, and learning to hate Whitey, Christians, or whatever you want to call the basic Western American stock. And, of course to have basic Muslim attitudes towards everything. An aside. I know some self-deceiving homosexuals who can't stop bitching and moaning about how mean Christians are to homosexuals. This usually ends up as complaints about the actually very rare physical assaults on homosexuals by "Christians," who turn out to be nominal Christians who probably haven't been near a church for years, and whom 99% of actual Christians would condemn for such behavior. Other complaints are about how some Christians resist approving of gay marriage and don't want homosexual propaganda included in grade school curricula. They leave out the behavior in defense of homosexuals on the part of zillions of Christians from the Pope down to daffy little country Protestant churches with 27 members. And the same homosexuals seem convinced that, deep down, Muslims are somehow on their side. Does anybody have any techniques for disabusing such people from their fantasies? If so, please explain.

Anyhow, then, the kitten-oven-biscuit analogy holds, because when people immigrate, they bring their whole culture with them, and, mostly, pass it on to their kids as much as they can, because they want their kids to be like them. Even it they don't do so consciously, they pass that old culture right along. The only exceptions to that are newborn orphans adopted by Americans, who have no occasion to absorb anything but the culture of their adoptive parents. And there are very few of them.

Much of the confusion results because in our golden era of immigration, most of the immigrants were either British, virtually indistinguishable from Americans, or close relatives of the British, like Scandinavians, Germans, and other Northwest Europeans, who assimilated almost without even thinking about it. The non-British only had to learn English, really, because what are the profound cultural differences other than linguistic between a Hoosier and a Hessian?

But that basic common-sense view, that Germans and Americans and Scots and Norwegians, and, to a slightly lesser extent, Italians and Greeks and Poles, are really very much alike and can assimilate to one another's cultures with a minimum of effort has been replaced by the fantasy view that the same thing holds for the entire human race, and that people of radically different religions, cultures, and races can fit together very well and assimilate like mad. Actually, it's gone much further into silliness than that, and the new creed called "multiculturalism" says that people are already basically just alike, and assimilation isn't even necessary.  That is pure nonsense to anybody who's ever been anywhere that differs from their birthplace, really.

So, no, sorry. To get down to cases, allowing the Mateen family in was insane, as was allowing in any Muslim immigrants. As the last post indicated [link], a few Muslims, okay, a few more, trouble, and past a certain point, a lot of trouble. This is due to the basic nature of human beings and of Islam. Anybody who tells you otherwise, like Hillary constantly does,  is a fool or a liar. Centuries of history testify to the basic incompatibility of Islam with Christianity, and with most other religions, for that matter.

One more salient point. Somebody's going to say that Islam isn't so bad because look what Christianity was doing a few centuries ago, what with the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades and all. First, the Crusades were a reaction to Muslim aggression (look it up) and says more about Muslim belligerence than anything else. Second, the Inquisition itself, particularly in Spain, was largely a reaction to Islam, which had conquered and ruled Spain for centuries and threatened the rest of Europe. Third, the Inquisition was centuries ago, and we don't do that sort of thing any more, but current Muslims still do such things, and much worse ones.

People who want to keep welcoming Muslim immigration into the West are counseling suicide. People who encourage you to kill yourself are not your friends. Simple as that.
Quibcags: the first is illustrated by a strange scene from Joshiraku (じょしらく). The second from cute mascots from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア). Finally, the Matt Bailey quote is illustrated by Kasumi, from Ranma ½ (らんま½) .

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