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It WILL Feel Good When We Stop — Remember That!

First, read Fred's piece, and then I'll have an afteword...

Hussein Obama, 50; America, 0
More Adventures in Multiculturalism
• JUNE 16, 2016

Orlando? So what else is new? Why the excitement? I am puzzled that everyone is distraught over a perfectly ordinary act of terrorism by a perfectly ordinary Muslim terrorist. We have seen these attacks before and will see them again. They grow monotonous, like car crashes. They are as interesting as a commercial break.

Why the surprise? We know Muslims kill Christians. We know they stone adulteresses to death. We know they drive airplanes into buildings. We know they mutilate women. We know they bomb airliners. We know they destroy historic monuments. We know they kill their daughters for losing their virginity. We know they kill homosexuals. We know they make coordinated mass attacks on cities. We know they are incompatible with societies of the First World. We know they have no respect for our laws. We know they hate us.

Knowing all of this, what do we do? Why…of course! What else? We import more of them. Nothing could make more sense. Ten thousand Syrians, coming to your neighborhood. Thank you, Obama. Thank you in advance, Hillary.

More precisely, Hussein Obama imports them. A black President with Islamic roots, barely American, who dislikes white people and recruits immigrants of his two ethnicities as hard as he can. We get utterly unassimilable Somalis in Minnesota, and all the Muslims he can find. Fifty gay men have just paid the price.

For Hussein’s policy.

The man fascinates me. The two worst actors that America has suffered since Lincoln are Osama bin Laden and Hussein Obama. They easily fit into any list of history’s most effective and influential men, being true geniuses. For a few hundred thousand dollars and an army of a couple of dozen, bin Laden stunningly humiliated America on international television, turned the country into a police state frightened of everything, inspired abrogation of its Constitution, and sucked the country into unending wars. On a cost-benefit basis, it was astonishing. He up-throttled national decline and has Americans hopping barefoot in airports while recordings on subways tell us to watch each other and report “suspicious behavior.”

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My turn: Have you read the whole Fred thing? He says it better than I can, so please do so if you haven't.... Okay, . Now you know. I extracted two pungent quotes from all this that are especially pungent — Fred's good at pungent — to make the quibcags. They are extreme, but unfortunately real. If America was a person, he'd be on suicide watch, because we've had incredibly self-destructive policies for decades now, and it just keeps getting worse. Exactly as Fred puts it, we take a whole set of things that are poison for any country, and not only permit them, but because of a bundle of ideologies that dominate public thinking, we actually put them into effect by force of law.

On the simplest level, never mind race or national origin or religion or ideology, you would think that any sane country would be reluctant to welcome immigrants or even visitors who carry deadly diseases. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. Now, having AIDS is actually a qualification for getting into the United States. That is, if you have AIDS, you move to the front of the line [link]. In the bad old days, of course, people were sent back home from Ellis Island if they were disease carriers, but now immigration is all about the welfare of the immigtants, and whether said immigrants are good for America is not taken into account at all.

The Muslim thing, though, is super-spectacular. We have all been trained from birth to believe in freedom of religion, and that's thrown into the mix to confuse the issue. The Founding Fathers, seriously, were concerned about avoiding an establishment of religion (an official state church), and that meant that the government should not grant advantages or impose disadvantages on one Protestant sect over the others. Some Founders were even a little fearful about Catholicism, and were reluctant to grant it too much freedom. Why? Because the Reformation had pretty well established the idea that you could be just about any kind of Protestant without being required by your religious scruples to use every method, including the law, to force everybody else into your sect. But Catholicism not so much. It had a bad history of taking over governments and making itself the official Church, with taxpayer support and various laws to discourage other religions. That, of course, was the incentive of the Know-Nothings and later the KKK. They were genuinely afraid of losing freedom of religion. It sounds silly now, maybe, but in those days Catholicism still had that urge to dominate.

And now we come to Islam, every single version of which is required, by its own internal logic, to take every place over and wipe out any and all rival religions. There is no idea of separation of church and state in Islam, and it will take centuries for one to develop, if ever. Yes, there are Muslim countries that have avoided the imposition of total Sharia law, but that's usually because they have dictators, like Saddam Hussein, or Assad who used force to prevent it. Interestingly, those are precisely the kind of Muslim leaders we like to overthrow. Something to ponder.

Anyhow, Western countries don't have dictators, so if some town in Sweden or France of Michigan gets enough Muslim immigrants, it is very likely to vote to impose Islamic law on the whole place. Who's going to stop them? Obama?

So, my conclusion is that we don't need any Muslim immigrants to the West. We should admit no more and send home the ones we have. I have heard no sensible arguments to the contrary.
Quibcags: The first is illustrated by Himeko and her hammer from Sket Dance, スケット・ダンス. The second features Isis-Chan [link].

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  1. California has inspection sites at the border to stop medflys.
    Most states have laws against invasive species.
    Feds? sigh.