Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Immigrants or Invaders?

Okay, friends, let's put it this way. Never mind the expense of taking immigrants in or even their tendency to misbehave or anything else. Surely we can agree that we should want only those immigrants who

1. intend to assimilate.

2. are capable of assimilation.

Now, by assimilation, I don't just mean learning to fit in, speak English, and that sort of thing, although they are essential also. Spies do all that, routinely. I also mean becoming American. That includes renouncing all allegiance you might have to your home country, or its institutions. It includes becoming patriotic about being American. And if you have a creed or belief that is incompatible with being a patriotic American, you have to abandon such creeds or beliefs. And yes, I'm including most Islam as I know it, because it includes lots of beliefs, evidently fundamental to the faith, that require opposition to American values. If I'm wrong about that somehow, please explain why and how I'm wrong, don't just screech about the First Amendment. And, no matter what a prospective Muslim immigrant might want to do to assimilate, can he just decide he doesn't believe those things any more? Or is he not capable of assimilation in this sense?

Here's a little video that I've put up before, that shows just how being overtolerant of immigration can bollix a nation up. Now and then, though, somebody caterwauls about its political incorrectness and YouTube or whatever takes it down, so here it is again. It's truly grotesque, but rightly so, and puts the left and all its blather in perspective:

Quibcag: That's Lum, of Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら). and she knows all about alien invasion, being an alien invader herself.


  1. It usually takes about three generations for assimilation to happen. Every previous wave of immigrants also brought problems in its wake...the Irish with their brawling and feud with "England" come to mind here. The thing is, we haven't had much immigration for a while, so we forgot how much of a PITA it is, and got seduced by silly propaganda about Ellis Island and happy immigrants weeping with joy at the sight of that stupid statue in NYC harbor.

  2. Star Trek had the Borg.
    Now if we could just get the "resistance is futile" part down.
    Assimilation does take a generation or two. You can assent, but your mind won't think like a native. Your children will be very close. Grandchildren would be assimilated.

  3. The black Africans have been here for 400 years and they still don't fit in. Its all race. Anyone says different is just lying. Germans, Italians and Irish are White enough to get the Norse European ways of England, Holland and French cultures that make up America. The brown and black races that never invented the wheel can hit the boat back to Crapholistan.

  4. Blacks and browns have never assimilated and neither will Muslims. "Multiculturalism" equals genocide.