Friday, June 3, 2016

Cucktarian, Cuckertarian, Cuckbertarian — I Blog, You Decide.

I've come across all three terms, and they all seem to mean the same thing. Based on the word "cuckservative," which is defined this way [link] on Wickipedia, and here's more on its definition [link]. I think the most useful definition is:

A person who claims to be, or thinks he is, a conservative, but who has abandoned the basic principles of conservatism in favor of the liberal narrative, usually including a belief in racial equality, a rejection of all forms of nationalism, and an inclination to accept trendy liberal causes such as special rights for transgenders and other LGBT varieties to include homosexual marriage. In short, cuckservatives can be said to be characterized by ethnomasochism & pathological altruism.

So what's a "cucktarian"? (I think the most pronounceable of the three variants) Just substitute "libertarian" for "conservative" in the previous paragraph.

And, I fear, the vast majority of "libertarians" of the sort that you find on the net or in the Libertarian Party are indeed "cucktarians."

In the first quibcag, Matt Bailey refers to the flaky sort of libertarians, which includes cucktarians, the group that does, indeed, like liberals, believe that 100% of humans are basically good and harmless. Needless to say, I hope, that's obvious nonsense, and in believing it, that group of flakies prove that their ideology is based on fantasy. As for the ones who think they can deal with all problems if they're just allowed to carry lethal weapons, they are naive in a slightly different way, forgetting that bad guys can organize, too, and if your own ideology discourages you from organizing, you're not going to deal with all problems with your machine gun alone. Maybe they're not "cucktarians," but they're at least "ditztarians."

But, if they accept enough of the liberal narrative in other ways, to include the ethnomasochism and pathalogical altruism, they are indeed cucktarians.

The second quibcag is the first one rendered down to a core principle, that ideologies are always a simplification of reality, and that when you begin basing your thinking on your ideology rather than on what happens in the real world, you start coming the the wrong conclusions.

An ideology is, or should be, a theory of how humanity operates, socially and politically. Since it is a theory, it should be modified or rethought when the facts don't fit it, i. e., when it doesn't correctly predict.

This failure to predict correctly is, of course, a major failing of most leftist ideology, and such failure is always ignored or lied about. Sometimes facts themselves are ignored in order to make the theory sound like it does work.

Now we're getting back to the cucktarians. They have a lot of little glitches, but the most perverse one it their faith in open borders. Usually, they justify it on the grounds that it's consistent with their belief that people have the right to travel anywhere. In other words, they put their theory ahead of reality. When you point this out to them, they say, oh, no, reality is — and then they list all sorts of delightful statistics compiled by their liberal and neocon allies that states that immigrants are less criminal than Americans, use less government services than Americans, are more entrepreneurial than Americans, and are just all-around better people than crummy old Americans. All the statistics, of course, turn out upon examination to be wild exaggerations at best, and flat-out lies at worst.

It's a good litmus test. Ask any self-proclaimed "conservative" or "libertarian" what he thinks of immigration. When he starts rhapsodizing about Ellis Island and "dreamers," it's time to add that "cuck" to the designation. And when he accuses you of being "inconsistent," show him this other pearl of wisdom from Mr. Bailey:

Quibcags: The first illustrated by an armed girl from  Upotte!! (うぽって!!).. The second one features a girl (I think Chiaki from Bodacious Space Pirates [モーレツ宇宙海賊パイレーツ Mōretsu Pairētsu]) looking at the real world. The third is an oldie, and I can't remember where I found the illustration in the first place.

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