Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bill Maher finally DOES say something politically incorrect

Somehow or another, the left has decided to adopt Muslims as mascots. Initially, back in my youth, it was different. The Israelis, with all their pioneering glory and history of persecution were the good guys, and the Muslims, being their enemies, were of course the bad guys. We had our sensibility shaped back them by the movie Exodus [link], and for the more literary of us, the book [link].

But then, a couple of years later, Lawrence of Arabia [link] came out and confused the issue. Now the Arabs were romanticized and a lot o people began thinking of them as the good guys, or at lesst cool guys.

Personally, I took the Palestinian side, pretty much, in the Arab-Israeli conflict, but that was simply a matter of recognizing that the Israelis were taking land that wasn't theirs, and using a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo to justify it. I still think so.

But now the official goodthink position is anohter instance of doublethink. Muslims remain the scum of the earth when they're a problem for Israel or stand in the way of Israeli ambitions. When Muslims immigrate to the West, however, they become a very admirable people who should be indulged in every way. It's almost like the Israeli lobby is hoping that all the Muslim world, at least that part of it that borders on Israel, like Syria, will immigrate to Michigan, where they'll no longer be an impediment for Israel's expansionist plans.

But no, I don't think of it that way at all. I think Muslims should have their own countries, where they can behave the way they want to, and not be a problem for us. By our standards, they really aren't desirable immigrants in any way.

As for our Muslim "allies," they all seem to be the same as Israel's Muslim allies, and, whereas we seem to need to invade places like Libya and Iraq and Syria to make them stop doing nasty things, our "Allies," like Saudi Arabia and Turkey can do all the nasty things they like.

If you don't believe an old right-wing coot like me, you young whippersnappers, maybe you'll believe Bill Maher:

Quibcag: I found the scary nun at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296393219208707159/


  1. Whose land was Israel? The Ottoman Empire? Rome? Byzantium?

    1. Unlike most "white supremacists" I tend to believe the "religious mumbo jumbo" used in justification for present day Israels' "occupation" to be more legit than Islams' claim to that whole world should be their caliphate.

      Before Moses and even before Abraham the corrupted inhabitants practiced child sacrifice and other abominations thus being a cancer to be eradicated.

      When Israel itself fell into corruption it eventually fell under the domination/occupation of Babylon/Persia and various other foreign powers over the centuries until coming back under Zionist control in '48.

      I used to have sympathy for the Palestinians until I realized that no matter how much one would sympathize, the Pals and other Muslims would as soon see me dead, dhimmied or converted to worshiping that moon bat of theirs (Allah is the god of the moon the arab peoples of the time worshiped when they were polytheistic.).

      Israel is the only force that will determine its' right to exist and no one else. I just wish it was more on their own dime.

    2. To Jay. Thank you for your well thought out reply. You have some interesting ideas

    3. I basically agree, Jay, except I remember back when the propaganda was SO one-sided and ridiculous on the Israeli side. And don't forget that, back then, a lot of the Palestinians were Christians. They seem to have disappeared or fallen through the cracks. You're right, though, that the Israeli claim to that territory, or maybe _twice_ that territory, is no more illegitimate than the current Muslim claim to everything. However, Israel is no more a part of the West than Islam is, and we should beware of any "friendship" in the region from anybody with the possible exception of some of the few Christians left, and I wouldn't be any too sure of them. Countries don't have friends.

    4. To Ex-Army: When I was in divinity school, the rapture bunnies made NO mention of the Pal Christians or the Druse for that matter. They did however make Zionism an article of faith ... sort of.

      My view of Israel is the same as any other country. As Hank Kissinger (Good grief! He's still alive!) said: "America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

      We stay cordial and friendly with anyone who has the same attitude with us. At the same time ... You have your world ... We have ours.

  2. Re. the quibcag:

    I found the "scary nun" while trapped in parochial school!

  3. RE Bill Maher's comments:

    Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.

    A broken clock is right twice a day.