Sunday, June 12, 2016

Advice from Airstrip One — Sounds Doubleplusgood to Me

I've written about Keir Martland before, and you can go see a video of hime here [link]. There are heaps of reactions to the Orlando Massacre today, the vast majority being stupid and partisan, recommending more and more gun control and assuring us that the young fellow just happened to be a Muslim but that the real cause was the availability of guns and some vague stuff about "mental health."

Most libertarians and some conservatives have got it half right, pointing out that the place Omar Mateen shot up was a self-declared gun-free zone and he knew it and he know he could kill plenty of people before he was brought down, and he was right. Apparently, he shot more than a hundred people before anybody showed up to shoot back.

And they're right, but they left out the immigration thing. And before you holler, I know that Mateen was born here, and he was born here because our idiotic immigration system allowed his parents to immigrate. There has already been a lot of drivel spouted by the left about how this mess has nothing to do with immigration because Mateen was born here. And if you attribute this mass murder to anything except not enough gun contro, and not enough money spent on "mental health," and of course White racism or privilege or something, you are, alas, a bigot, and probably an Islamophobe and a racist.

Again, I refer you to the kitten/oven koan [link].

And now a guest post by Keir Martland, who lives in Airstrip One, and doesn't care about political correctness any more than the Trumpster does.This is from The Libertarian Alliance [link]:

Shamelessly Exploiting Another Atrocity

Keir Martland
(12th June 2016)
Upwards of 50 gay men have been murdered by a Muslim claiming allegiance to ISIS in Orlando. I am getting sick and tired of responding to these atrocities, and my reaction is no longer one of shock, but I do so on principle; I maintain that there is nothing crude or improper in making a political point out of these occurrences. However, the problem is that I have made the same political points twice at length now. The Paris Atrocity and the Brussels Atrocity have roughly the same causes as the Orlando Atrocity, and following earlier atrocities I elaborated on these causes in two essays, Paris: A Few Political Points to Make (14th November 2015) and Brussels: Déjà vu (22nd March 2016).
To summarise the main causes on which I touch in the aforementioned essays:
  1. For too long now, the US and its satellites have been both indirectly funding and arming ISIS and also conducting airstrikes in Syria which I do not for a moment believe have done any serious damage to ISIS. Indeed, in Autumn 2013, the purpose of British intervention in the Syrian Civil War was to be to remove President Assad by supporting the “rebels”, from whom ISIS have grown. Further to this, when Russia began bombing ISIS, the US was quick to denounce her. Western intervention in the Middle East has fuelled the rise of Islamist scumbags.
  2. At the same time, Paris, Belgium, and the United States, do not have sensible immigration policies. The kind of immigration policy that allows someone entry into your country who is capable of killing 50 homosexuals in a nightclub is perhaps overdue a tightening.* Or are we going to carry on with the tired mantra “Oh, but America is a nation of immigrants!”? An Open Border is not a requirement of libertarian theory, see the work of Hans-Hermann Hoppe on this thorny question for more detail. For those who do believe in Open Borders on principle, surely it is a luxury ill-suited to a 2016 when the United States and its allies are not exactly popular with the citizens of Iraq, Syria, Libya, ad infinitum.
  3. Not only has the West been invading the world and then inviting the world, but it has been disarming its citizens. This has progressed further in Europe than in the United States, but the US is catching us up. As citizens become progressively disarmed, they will become progressively defenceless against lunatic Islamist mercenaries who have just returned from their little holiday in Syria or from “home-grown” Islamists who have seen their homeland bombed out of existence on Russia Today or Al-Jazeera.
I will therefore repeat my policy recommendations of a few months ago as I made them to the French and Belgian Governments:
  1. Get the hell out of the Middle East.
  2. Shut the borders.
  3. Arm your citizens, or rather stop disarming them.
This is, in my view, a rather minimalist manifesto. If the American Government was to follow it, I suspect we would see fewer such atrocities as we saw in Orlando today. Yet, I have had a very good record at predicting whether governments will follow these plans in the past; I predicted that France and Belgium would instead do nothing and I was right. It would be sad to see the American Government do the same
*Keir wrote this before the word got to him that Mateen was born here, and was the  son of Afghan immigrants, which might be a technical difference, but his birthplace doesn't seem to have affected is loyalties, but only made him more sophisticated and capable of carrying out the atrocity, not unlike Farook in San Bernardino. Remember about the kittens and the oven.)----------------
Quibcag: The first is an easy one. The teacher is Hatsune Miku [link], The second is Marika Tachibana (橘 万里花 Tachibana Marika) of Nisekoi (ニセコイ? l it. "Fake Love")


  1. Immigration without integration is not merely folly, it is suicidal.
    Or homicidal.
    The first wall is to prevent those who aren't interested in integrating from getting here in the first place. It can be around our borders or around the refugee camps. The second wall is to protect us from those who change their mind or arise internally who reject our culture, though it is must harder to enforce, as it is easier to identify and avoid a poison than to find an antidote after you've swallowed one.

  2. None of this this is accidental. This globalism is Global Domination by Dummies. Retards really. This "brilliant plan" is worthy of Baldric from the Blackadder series, the goofball peasant with atrocious hygiene with ludicrous plans that sound stupid to begin with. What these half-witted morons are trying to do is create a problem by bringing in hostiles like invading Muslim or Mestizo peons, and when they get violent, introduce more draconian police state policies that empower them.
    They need to die, yesterday. At this point there is little hope for a peaceful solution, and lets face it, the invaders will kill these idiots anyway, so there's no reason to sacrifice my safety for Dodo birds doomed to extinction. Trump, LePen and EDL are pissing in the wind. This system is rigged. It needs to burn down. This cancer must die. They're dead anyway. Lets save ourselves a mess to clean up and take out the garbage ourselves. I don't need Mexicans to take out my garbage. I'll get my hands dirty for power and riches. Anyone who cleans out this mess will be the King I expect. Dump Trump, losers. Lets get this party started.