Friday, June 24, 2016

"Abusing Refugees" can be read two ways. Think about it.

To clarify, you can read "abusing refugees" as a gerund plus an object, as in "Joe is abusing refugees," or as an adjective and a noun, as in "Abusing refugees aren't the kind of immigrants we want, are they?

The fact that only ten percent of the dogs running loose in your neighborhood are rabid is no reason to sneer at people who are concerned about rabid dogs.

The fact that most of your neighbors aren't burglars isn't a reason to stop locking your door.

Get the picture?

One of my net friends recently said to me:

I figured you might be interested in knowing that while you're worried about "white christian civilization" or whatever picking up some slight tarnish from refugees, the refugees themselves have far bigger problems to worry about. I'm not saying that we should be spending tax dollars on supporting these people, but their reasons for wanting to come here are almost definitely not of the "durk durk Allah, Mohammed jihad" variety.
And gave me this

CHP’s refugee report reveals widespread child abuse, child labor in Turkey

A report prepared by the main opposition Republic People’s Party (CHP) has shone a light on bitter truths about the conditions of Syrians in Turkey, with children particularly vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse and hunger. 

The age of many children forced into prostitution by gangs starts at 12 or 13, according to the report prepared under CHP Deputy Chair Veli Ağababa and also printed as a book.

The project was initiated after the photo showing the body of Alan Kurdi, a three-year-old Syrian boy who washed ashore in the Turkish resort of Bodrum on Sept. 2 last year, shaking the world.

Launching the report on June 20, Ağbaba said it was the result of a 10-month study.

“The [Justice and Development Party] AKP’s approach is not a contemporary one based on human rights. Refugees in our country face vast human rights abuses and are used as a bargaining tool for the AKP to reach its political goals,” he added.

The report says that the state fails to prevent gangs in Turkey from exploiting the helplessness of Syrian women, while it quotes witnesses as saying that Christian Syrians in Turkey are “in fear” due to the activities of some Islamist groups in the country. 
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But then I come across this, from Vulture of Critique [link]:

unnatural vice in Idaho


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An alleged sexual assault on a five-year-old special needs girl has put a small Idaho city at the center of the debate over the Obama administration’s move to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Much of what occurred in the June 2 incident is unclear, clouded by emotion and rumor and sealed from public record due to the suspects’ ages. At a raucous public meeting Monday, dozens of residents of the city of 44,000 voiced their concerns after word had spread that young Syrian refugees had gang-raped a little girl at knifepoint, defiling her in unspeakable ways.
Some of what they had heard was true, some was not and still more remains unconfirmed speculation. But authorities believe something terrible occurred. Two young boys were arrested Friday and remain in custody.
“This is a serious crime and we are handling it the way we handle all such crimes,” Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs told “We’re still in the fairly early stages of investigating this.”
Despite the hot-button issue of refugee resettlement, the story has gained little traction with the national media, and Internet fact-check site has labeled the information circulating on the web as “mostly false.” According to Loebs, the three assailants, ages 7, 10 and 14, are not Syrian, but may be refugees. The girl was not raped, but is believed to have been sexually assaulted, he said.
The day after the arrests, local residents formed the Facebook community “Justice for Our Children” in support of the young victim and her family that has more than 9,000 members. A petition was circulated, attracting more than 2,500 signatures in less than three days.
Loebs, (r.), says his office will get to the bottom of what happened June 2 at the Twin Falls apartment complex.
“Many people in this community are in awe, and outraged that no consequences are being served to these boys nor their parents for this vile incident,” reads the petition letter dated Jun 18. “We feel there is an incredible lack of justice being served. We are not targeting due to racism. We are targeting these individuals because of their horrific acts. No one should go without consequences for actions like these no matter the age or language barrier.”
Davis Odell, a community resident who has been in close contact with the victim’s family said the boys dragged the unnamed girl into a utility room in the Fawnbrook Apartments, a low-income, subsidized housing complex in Twin Falls, and assaulted her in an attack that ended when a neighbor happened upon the scene and called police
Read the rest of this here:
Now, then. Putting these two stories together, I have to conclude that no matter how unfortunate the conditions are for Syrian refugees in Turkey, they don't add up to justification for putting American five-year-old girls at risk for that sort of thing. Atrocities of that kind are more than "slight tarnish," and I'd say that "reasons for coming here" aren't relevant to this case. What we've done is welcome savages, subsidize them in every way, and then allow them to do horrible things to our children.

The reason for not accepting such refugees is that they are harmful to us. Pointing out that in the case of the abuse above, the refugees didn't behave according to some jihadi plan is simply ridiculous. They behaved the way such people tend to behave, and the people who are supposed to protect us from such things didn't bother to determine just what kind of people they were welcoming in, either because of incompetence or indifference.

So while it might be interesting and even helpful to determine refugees' reasons for coming here, the important thing for authorities to determine is how they're likely to behave when they get here. And they seem not to be interested in doing so, but instead use all their energy to jolly us into putting up with refugees, and making sure we don't learn about the things the refugees do when they get here.

Why isn't the Idaho story being told by the big news outlets? Why are they treating us to stories about how much help the refugees need instead, and shaming us into welcoming them in?
Quibcag: Interestingly, I found the quote in a column denouncing the anti-refugee position, listed as one of "the worst quotes about refugees," but read in tandem with the Idaho story it doesn't seem all that bad, does it? I found the national guard girl on Pinterest.


  1. They refuse to regulate the militia, only guns, but it exists.

    Someone in Idaho needs to kidnap refugees, strip them naked, urinate on them (that is what happened to the 5 year old) and leave them with a note with a bus ticket or promise that something far worse will happen if they aren't in their new blue sanctuary city home in 72 hours.

  2. I am not thrilled with Islam. And it was made clear to me by the daughter of Bava Sali [Avigail Buso] that for Jewish people, life under Islam was Hell on Earth.

  3. I would be curious to find out what the crime rate, per-capita, is for Muslims (native-born and otherwise) as opposed to our own native-spawned dindu population.