Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trumping on Facebook

A Facebook conversation about the Trumpinator, touched off by this post [link]:

Edgy Girl: Here's the problem: Trump is KNOWN to be phony. He is KNOWN to have endorsed Hillary Clinton in the past. He is KNOWN to have been a registered Democrat before he suddenly decided that running for President seemed like a fun thing to do. We have the video footage. If he was sincere, he'd be pulling a Reagan and saying "here's why I left the Democrats"

Ornery Old Coot: You could be right. But if so, he's fooled a lot of solid conservatives, like Buchanan, Coulter, Pournelle, etc.

Edgy Girl: No doubt about that. The most likely explanation is that they weren't paying attention to Trump back when he was a Democrat because he wasn't running for President back then.

The Texian Sage:
Lol, another case of cog-dis, illustrated beautifully by the "Trump is secretly a bleeding-heart liberal/Trump is secretly Hitler" oxymoron going about.
Actually Trump has been saying profoundly consistent things about trade and immigration for 35 years now, if one bothers to look. Since the record of both parties is pretty terrible in both regards, it would have made no sense for him to show strong loyalty to one party on the other. In a 1990 interview he said if he ran for president he'd run as a Dem, not because of any strongly liberal leanings, he said "...I'm more conservative..." but because the Dems *at that time* were seen as the party of the common man (read: White working class) he felt he connected well with. 26 years later, it makes more sense for him to run as a Republican in order to maximize his common-man vote, Democrats having thoroughly pissed on and alienated too much of the common man.

Yet Another Guy: Not to be ironic... But Amen.

The Texian Sage: Also, I will point out that Trump is the first Republican candidate in recent memory who has been expected to be a goddamn church deacon and the like. Always before the hue and cry has been "moderate, moderate, for electability!" grin emoticon Now the Republicans have a guy who is a moderate except on the vital issues where BOTH parties establishments are insane, but it appears the GOPe would prefer to lose. How convenient!



    “He claimed to be severely conservative, whatever in the world that is,” Gidley said of Romney.

    This is the guy who created Romneycare, who was the template for Obamacare. Mitt Romney marched in gay pride parades. He did the first same sex wedding in America, put homosexuals in the Supreme Court in Massachusetts. He boasted, remember in that famous clip of him and Ted Kennedy, that he was more pro-choice than anyone and then hosted a Planned Parenthood event and then contributed to them. He puffed up and said the folks that didn’t vote for Reagan, he didn’t identify with those Republicans who liked Reagan.


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