Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump Revolt and Republican Reactionaries

If you ever had any doubt that the Establishment Republicans (or the Movement Conservatives, or the Beltway Right, or whatever you want to call them) are a feckless gang of yahoos who have nothing but contempt for the voters, your doubt is being cut down to size fast.

Some of them have made it clear that they prefer Hillary to Trump, and will support her. This isn't the bunch who say that Trump is just a closet Democrat, because if he is, why should we vote for Hillary to stop him? No, these are the people who want both parties to be just about the same, to keep growing the government, to keep limiting Americans' rights, to keep wrecking the middle class, to keep pointless foreign wars thriving, and, of course, to continue to replace the American people with random foreigners. Millions of them. Overwhelmingly useless Third-World people.

And the Trump revolt, as the quibcag states, threatens this system, and endangers the Establishment Rupublicans' phoney-baloney jobs. He threatens, as Luther did, to change the very meaning of Republicanism and upset the applecart completely. Just imagine — a nationalist President, who puts the American people first! Been years since we had anything like that. It's all been about the American people paying taxes and fighting overseas to save the world.

It especially annoys one of us, Baloo, that PJ O'Rourke has gone over to the dark side, because Baloo was writing for National Lampoon back when PJ was an editor there. He is, he says, "disgustipated." The quote from what O'Rourke wrote is a bit unfair, though. Baloo says he wrote edgier stuff than that.

This Kirkpatrick piece is from Unz Review [link]:

How Many Divisions Has the Beltway Right?
How many divisions has the Beltway Right?—to paraphrase Stalin’s famous question about the Pope. Or, to paraphrase an equally famous philosophical question, if a National Review columnist announces he isn’t voting for Trump, does anyone care?
Jonah Goldberg [Email him] answered the Sorry, I Still Won’t Ever Vote for Trump” [May 21, 2016]. Goldberg says it’s about his “conscience.” Evidently, the nightmarish policies President Hillary Clinton will unleash and the continuing suffering inflicted on Americans from murderous illegals don’t trouble Goldberg’s sleep, but the prospect of a candidate who gives joy to the Alt Right keeps him up at night.
Erick Erickson is begging Mitt Romney to run for President. [Perhaps Erick Erickson should just let Mitt retireby Jazz Shaw, HotAir, May 21, 2016] Bill Kristol [Email him] is trying to recruit people for his “Renegade Party,” which presumably will be an independent, populist, grassroots movement dedicated to open borders, outsourcing, and foreign interventions. And PJ O’Rourke, apparently still alive, is endorsing Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is full of “bigoted, rude, and vulgar crap”. [PJ O’Rourke: I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton, the Devil We Know, The Daily Beast, May 8, 2016]. And who better to whine at us whatorourkeabout decorum and politeness when our country is being destroyed than the author of “Foreigners Around the World?”[National LampoonMay 1976, sample at right]
But does anyone care about these people? Erickson is pleading for Romney to run himself because the former presidential candidate has already abandoned trying to find someone else to volunteer for a suicide mission. [Mitt Romney ends recruiting efforts for an independent candidateby Eric Bradner and Jim Acosta, CNN, May 19, 2016] Rick Perry, who once called Trump a “cancer” and was spoken of as an independent challenger, has already endorsed Trump for president and has even volunteered himself as a vice presidential pick [Rick Perry endorses Donald Trump, whom he once called a ‘cancer’ to conservatismby Mark Abadi, Business Insider, May 5, 2016]
Quibcag: The chibi nun, who I found on the net, is the best illustration I could find. She is cute.

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