Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trump: Explaining the Inexplicable

It's amazing to me how many people are amazed at the Trump phenomenon. The pundits had been telling us for years that what the American people want is something completely unlike Trump. Personalitywise, what we're supposed to want is some unthreatening Menudo-type like Marco Rubio, because of course we're all eager to turn our country over to somebody vaguely foreign and slightly effeminate. Or, failing that, what we'd be happy with is a crazy, corrupt old lady whose main political qualification is husband-selection. The idea that the American people would actually want a rambunctious ultra-masculine combination of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt. and Scrooge McDuck was totally laughable to the talking heads. But it makes perfect sense to the American people, who have been voting accordingly.

No, the Trump phenomenon is an actual revolt against the system that locked itself in place when the first Bush Administration cleaned house and removed all the Reagan elements from the government, and made a pact with the Democratic Party that Business as Usual would be the law of the land and that no actual substantive changes would be permitted or even discussed. With the suppression of the Buchanan movement, the Establishment thought they had the American people neutralized for at least a generation. But maybe that's it. Maybe this is the next generation. The quote is actually the title of a post over at Nicholas Styx's blog [link], and you need to go there and read it right now.
Quibcag: I used, again, one of those ubiquitous anime girls in Trump hats that are all over the net.

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