Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The "Identity" Crisis

Lately, there have been no more fruitful bases for humor than the "Identify as" theme that is so beloved of the left, and as part of the "left" I have to include liberals, neocons, and a large percentage of "libertarians" that I usually call "left-libertarians," or dismiss as just plain leftist SJW's who call themselves libertarians. I guess you could say that they "identify as" libertarians.

If you doubt the validity of their inclusion in the sheep herd, just remember, when Bradley Edward Manning decided to "identify" as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, libertarians were among the first to cooperate and start calling him that, and immediately switched pronouns. Their justification was exactly the same as the rationalization you heard from the left, that it was up to Manning to decide what he was, and nobody else had any business refusing to comply, no matter what the pesky facts were. With libertarians like that, we don't need any liberals.

And by now we've all heard about Rachel Dolezal, and we're expected to take that seriously.

Sometimes little kids get deeply into play, and insist that they are soldiers, or aliens, or superheroes, or some other fun thing, and want to be called "Sargent" or "Spock" or whatever, and sometimes adults fondly go along with the game. It's fun. But it's make-believe. And past a certain age, make-believe stops being cute and gets creepy.

It's creepy, folks.

And I know I'm right about this, because I identify as right.

But while there are still limits to it, we can enjoy the humor of exaggeration. Let's enjoy it while we can. At Unz Review [link], Fred Reed writes:

Squids and the Inner Light of Being
It was an epochal moment for the military and perhaps for all of society. Screwing up her courage, Air Force First Lieutenant Kara-Ann McBee walked into her commander’s office on the D-Ring of the Pentagon and announced that she was a giant squid.
Kara was slender and tomboyish, with an upturned nose, freckles, and an attractive brush-cut hairdo. She could have been Tom Sawyer’s sister. She did not appear to be a giant squid.
In Japan, they do have squid girls [link].
“But I am, sir,” she said, rigidly at attention and clearly nervous. “I’ve known it since I was a little girl. I…sir, I am a squid trapped in a woman’s body. I’m trans-phylum, sir.”
The commander, Colonel R. Boyd Gittim, was stunned. He was a compact, graying man in his mid-fifties, a combat flier who had slipped through the screening process to high position in what insiders called the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel. He was not well suited to the complex personnel issues of the modern military.
He had to say something. What, he wondered?
“Squids have lots of arms. Ten, I think.”
“Yessir, ten. But…you see, sir, I feel their presence. Like ectoplasm or something.”
Colonel Gittim sighed. He knew of course about LGBT, which he thought of as Lettuce, Bacon, and Tomato, and he knew there existed crucial military questions about whether boys could use the girls room. Squids were too much.
It wasn’t his Air Force any longer, he thought grayly. Wars were fought by remotely-controlled drones now, and the best pilots were probably fifteen-year-old gamers with no social life. They could do it from home by internet. He decided to retire and drink himself to death.
But consequences were to follow this modest beginning. Kara-Ann, not particularly militant, said that just wanted to be respected as a cephalopod, although she did say that she thought the Air Force ought to provide her an aquarium to sleep in. But, inevitably, the affair came to the attention of DACOWITS. This was not a Polish mathematician, but the Defense Advisory Commission on Women in the Services. They were Boadiceas of social justice, fighting against the oppression, brutality, contempt and unremitting assault to which women were subjected everywhere, except anywhere that anyone could find.
Read the rest here:
Quibcag: Illustrated by "the Professor," from Nichijou (日常), and her cat dog.

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  1. Octopussy was a female James Bond villian.
    Now of only the FBI would have the same standards for the HRT.