Monday, May 9, 2016

The Good Wife — Series Finale

Well, they messed it up. I didn't find out until this morning that a great many people didn't know that The Good Wife series finale was extended over the usual hour, and that they stopped watching after the next-to-last scene and missed the actual ending. So, as a public service, I'm attaching the transcript of the last few minutes of the show:

After Diane slaps Alicia, shocking the audience, Alicia wanders down the corridor. Cut to commercial and/or credits.

In the style of many movies these days, unexpected content occurs after the credits.

Alicia is still walking down the corridor, the camera pans in to show her face in a closeup. She smiles broadly:

Alicia: "Computer, freeze program."

At end of corridor, Jason, Peter, Diane, Will, and Cary step into view, all grinning broadly.

Peter: "Great job, everybody! Captain, we haven't had this much fun since we did The X-Files!"

Alicia: "Agreed, Number One. Let's all get changed and meet on the bridge."

Scene: The bridge of the Enterprise NC-1701-G. Alicia is sitting in the captain's chair, Peter in the first officer's chair. Cary, Will, Diane, and Jason are at their posts behind them. To the side, Lucy Liu stands holding clipboard. All are in their Starfleet uniforms.

Alicia: "Commander Watson, my thanks for taking the con while we wrapped the program up."

Lucy: "My pleasure, Captain. I was happy to help, Your 'Good Wife' is one of the most popular holodeck programs in Starfleet."

Alicia: "Thank you, Commander, but it's not just my program. Lieutenant Lockhart and Ensign Agos have done most of the writing. It's definitely been a team effort from the beginning."

Peter (looking at his tricorder): "We definitely finished up at the top of the ratings. Our closest competitor so far is Commodore Randall's Outlander."

Diane: "What shall we do next, Captain?"

Lucy: "Actually, Captain, Chief Holmes and I have been working on a new idea called Elementary...."

Alicia: "That sounds intriguing. But now we're due at DS-16 for a refit. Take us out, Lieutenant Gardner."

Will: "Aye aye, Captain."

Swtich to outside scene of Enterprise entering hyperspace. Theme Music and final credits.

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