Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Fungibility of Homo Sapiens is Greatly Exaggerated

I don't know what it is — maybe it's my darn Master's Degree in English that I got a long time ago — but I try to be direct and unsubtle with what I write, and I actually think I manage it a lot of the time. But a lot of the time I'm too concerned, I guess, with trying to be amusing and elegant, and I end up being too wordy and indirect.

Not Matt Bailey. He's a natural. He reminds me of two writers, Hemingway, and, maybe surprisingly, Vonnegut. Hemingway is famous for being simple and direct, using very stark and unflowery language. Vonnegut isn't famous for it, but he was the same way. When you finish reading a Vonnegut novel, you never have any doubt that you understood what happened and what everybody said. Oh, you might not be sure you got all the underlying message, but you're sure you comprehend the story. Subject, verb, object, nothing ambiguous there.

But I did it again. Look up there at the post title. Me trying to be flowery and cute. But maybe it works as a tease or lead-in. What it means is that people differ, and groups of people differ, too.
What works for Greeks doesn't work for Samoans. Amish thrive under a system that would drive Jews nuts. Democracy is actually stable and effective in Norway, but it's a dismal failure in Zimbabwe. You get the idea, I'm sure. Now let's hand the mic to Matt:


I've often pointed out that Japan has very strict gun control, almost gunless and low crime rates. Liberals would say this is *because of* the gun laws, but the Japanese have kitchen knives, bricks, and their hands, and they don't murder with those at anywhere near the rate of Americans, or more precisely the outrageous rate of certain crime-prone minorities that drives the American average way up. And Japanese people in Houston, TX don't commit murders at a high rate either. Republicans like to flip the thing and say "Oh no, gun control and other Democrat policies cause high crime rates!" and Chicago makes that seem plausible, but it doesn't explain why San Francisco's crime rate is so low (Only 6% Black population) or why "red" states Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi (highest percentage Black populations) have the highest murder rates of all states. The most honest thing to say about the gun control debate is that "It might work okay in Japan, but depriving the law-abiding middle of America who live in close proximity to low-IQ savages of guns would result in the suburbs being burned and looted by the end of the week". Naturally in our PC climate no one can say it, so like most other issue debates in this county it ends up revolving around half-truths and fatuous lies, so that the reality of race might be ignored.
Quibcag: I used two very Japanesey people indeed for this illustration, Kazuha and Hattori from Detective Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン), which happens to be one of my favorite animes. You should take a look at it. Here's episode one, from twenty years ago. It gets better, and less gruesome:

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  1. Memorial Day note:

    Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, had the Bataan death march, the rape of Nanking, abused POWs even committing war crimes by slaughtering them in medical experiments.

    The USSR was also "peaceful and orderly".

    Liberty is often aggressive and disorderly. So consider carefully if the apex virtues you wish for your society are peace (as in Rest In Peace) and orderliness (as opposed to at least some creative destruction).

    Japan's orderliness now includes losing two and a half decades, and the elders will probably keep things orderly by reporting to euthanasia centers while many of the young lock themselves in their bedrooms playing video games.