Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stuck Between the Underclass and the Overclass

The net is fun. There's a young SJW, who claims to be a right-wing libertarians, who is devoted to the  leftist narrative that Everybody Is Exactly Alike, with no variation in intellect and temperament between human groups. He even posted a comical John Stossel video that "proves" this with an experiment in school where the blue-eyed students are told that they're stupid, and the brown-eyed that they're smart, so of course their test scores reflect what they've been told. If you're curious, here it is [link]. It's a regular industry, these days, thinking up new ways to prove that everybody is equally intelligent and intelligence tests are meaningless and, as Steve Sailer says, everybody is equally intelligent and only stupid people think otherwise. I can't help thinking that Stossel's little tests aren't all that reproducible.

Anyhow, in the real world, we're doing our best to keep the underclass happy and healthy, and maybe if we tell them how smart they are, over and over again, they'll magically become smart. We'll rehabilitate Jean-Baptiste Lamarck after all! And maybe old Трофи́м Дени́сович Лысе́нко, too! Discredited scientists are people too, after all.

My only disagreement (really just a quibble) with Dr. Cochran's quote in the quibcag here, is that the overclass isn't actually crazy, but is promoting crazy ideas in order to support its narrative and program. Of course, some of tis minions are crazy, but most of the overclass knows damn well its lying about these matters.

As for Ed Boland, I don't know whether he's a crazy fool or a cynical liar, but Greg Cochran has read his book, and seems to have concluded the former. But the results are the same either way — the liberal-egalitarian narrative survives immaculately. This is from Greg Cochran's blog, West Hunter [link]. I check it every day to see what he's up to, and you should, too.

Bad Teacher

I just read “The Battle For Room 314”, Ed Boland’s account of a year teaching at a NYC high school. Boland had been an admissions officer, done fundraising for nonprofits – but wanted to DO GOOD, and of course go broke in the process. 
The dean of the Harvard graduate school of education praises it, as does the former head of the Ford Foundation. So you know it’s a bad book. Sheesh, Boland only taught for a year, and he wasn’t particularly successful. He didn’t have great personal force, couldn’t control the kids, didn’t realize when they were lying to him. Came to hate them. But I didn’t expect to learn anything about educating kids- I wanted to see what page the educrats are on lately, just I have a green chili cheeseburger every ten years or so just to see if they’re still nasty. 
Apparently they haven’t learned a thing. Certainly Boland hasn’t, other than than finding out that he likes being paid enough to live on in New York, in a job where people won’t call him a ‘turd burglar’.
He recommends Pre-K and school integration [works in Berkeley, right? no? they must not be liberal enough!] . He thinks poverty is the root of educational failure. He’s so dumb that he talks about the educational magic distilled by Finland and South Korea. The idea that being Finnish or Korean has anything to do with it is beyond his imagination. 
What possible observation or event, up to and including Ragnarok, could ever make him come to any other conclusion? He learned nothing, understood nothing, denied everything he saw or experienced. 
Sure, we have an intractably low-functioning underclass – two of them now! – but we also have a crazy overclass, and that’s worse. We have a problem. 
Quibcag: What better way to illustrate "crazy" than with the Mad Hatter? With Alice thrown in for decorative purposes. This version of the two was the work of geloso.

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