Monday, May 16, 2016

Slaves and Slavery — All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

The liberal narrative on race and racism, and the history of both, is unfortunately no longer restricted to liberals. The neocons (who are just a special case of liberal, anyway) accept it fully, as do virtually all libertarians, and an alarming number of traditional conservatives, AKA  paleoconservatives. seem to have bought into it entirely, what with their revisionist view of Martin Luther King as a "conservative" and all.

And one of the essential parts of that liberal narrative is that slavery was invented by White men (slavery in the ancient world is somehow acknowledged without really being counted). And that's the only indication we have in popular culture that the Ancient Egyptians were White. They had slaves, you see, so they had to be White. For all other purposes, of course, the Ancient Egyptians were Black. Just ask your friendly neighborhood Afrocentric screwball.

Anyhow, the element of all this that trumps everything else is the narrative that Black Africans were living in some sort of PC Eden until evil White men dropped in and enslaved them. And that was the beginning of slavery. (Again, never mind the millenia of slavery that had existed all over the world, practiced by every race that could manage it against every other race.) It was invented then and there, when they grabbed Kunta Kinte.

The facts are much different from the narrative. For one thing, the very word "slave" means "Slav," indicating that the Slavic people had been enslaved long before civilized people had even noticed Black Africa. The other fact is that slavery was practiced all over Africa, Blacks enslaving Blacks (and Bushmen, another race), and Arabs dropping in to help organize things. Mostly, of course, White Europeans just went to Africa and bought slaves from African slaveowners. So if American Blacks want reparations for slavery, they should start with their cousins still in Africa, the descendants of those who sold slaves to America.

Of course, the liberal narrative has nothing to do with truth, and never intended to. It's designed to screw over White people and Western Civilization, and is doing a bang-up job of it so far. Another thing left out of that narrative is White slaves.White slaves not in ancient Rome, but White slaves who worked right alongside Black slaves in America and the Caribbean. Over at Takimag [link], Jim Goad tells us about it:

White Slavery Denial

The currently approved conceptual framework for American race relations dictates that whites—all of them, simply by dint of being white—are oppressors. Any deviation from this rigid script, no matter how deeply rooted in fact, must be immediately annihilated like a blood-engorged tick.
We are taught that black academic and financial underperformance—as well as black over-performance in crime—are the direct result of slavery’s horrid legacy. There are to be no other possible explanations. To note the hugely embarrassing fact that American blacks live far longer and under vastly superior economic conditions in America than they do in any majority-black nation on Earth may be factual, but it is RACIST because it undermines the ironclad Guilt Narrative that must never be questioned.
Here are some facts that The Script demands you ignore:
1) Even at the peak of American slavery, only a tiny percentage of American whites—about 1.5%—owned slaves.
2) Leading up to the Civil War, a vastly higher quotient of whites had worked as indentured servants and convict laborers than had ever owned slaves. Most historians, regardless of their political orientation, agree that anywhere from half to two-thirds of whites who came to the American colonies arrived in bondage. The fact that the vast majority of whites existed in a state closer to slavery than to slave ownership is something resolutely ignored in the modern retelling of history.
3) Documents from the era show that so-called white “indentured servants” were often referred to as “slaves” rather than “servants.”
4) These “servants” did not always enter into voluntary contracts. There is overwhelming evidence that many of them were kidnapped by organized
criminal rings and sent to work on American plantations. It is possible that as many, if not more, whites than blacks were brought involuntarily to the colonies.
5) The middle-passage death rates for these “servants” were comparable to that of blacks on slave ships from Africa to the New World.
6) Indentured servants were whipped and beaten, sometimes to death. When they escaped, ads were placed for their capture. 
7) They lived under conditions so brutal that an estimated half of them died before their seven-year term of indenture expired.
I covered many of these facts in my book The Redneck Manifesto. The chapter regarding white slavery is here. A simplified “kids” version is here. And recently Gavin McInnes and I covered much of the same ground in this video.
I’ve often discussed how guilt is one of the primary political weapons—in the long run, possibly more powerful than bullets. Since the currently accepted narrative is based far more on an attempt to quarantine historical guilt among whites than it is a sober assessment of the facts, the typical response to any discussion about white slavery is emotional rather than logical.
Read the rest here:
First off, I have read, and own a copy of, The Redneck Manifesto, and it an absolutely superb book, with lots more to it than what Jim refers to here. You need to read it, too. ASAP
Quibcag: This is an oldie, starring Ayuko Oka of Mysterious Girlfriend X (謎の彼女X. Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu).


  1. Personally, I think I am the trustee, guardian, conservator of my life, liberty, and body, like a lease car (where you can drive anywhere) as opposed to owning it.

    Here Libertarians have another fail. "I own myself" they say - ok, if you can own you, if I make it worthwhile, I can own you, i.e. you are now my slave (Walter Block specifically agrees with this idiocy, Stefan Molyneux says ending slavery was one of the greatest accomplishments but asserts he owns himself and women own their vaginas).

    Also note the captors and the slavers entered into "voluntary contracts" while the slaves were considered property, echoing another problem - "You shoplifted from Wal-Mart"; "But Wal-Mart accepted 'stolen merchandise' though the theft occurred in China - why does it bother you where the theft happened or when?"

  2. The only places where the Bar ought to be universally lowered is the exam to practice law or limbo athletes.

  3. Anti-miscegany laws were passed to restrict white slavery to marriage.

  4. Isaiah Berlin explained this best by the idea of negative rights. Negative rights are things like what we have in the Bill of Rights. Things that government can not do. This can be expanded to what other people can not take from you. But today when in stead of negative right we have positive rights that creates slavery.If someone has a right to things like housing or food then that means other are forced -forced labor to provide it. Forced labor is what is usually called slavery. And so now Blacks are the master sand whites are the slaves.

  5. I've been reading a book by Mungo Park who explored the Gambia in the 1790s. He found that the African economy was based on slavery and estimated that slaves made up at least 75% of the total populace. He also discovered that slaves were exported throughout the various African kingdoms and chieftainships so that they were as far as possible from their homes, to discourage escapes. The slaves that were sold to white traders were of the opinion that they were being sold as food and did not believe him when he explained that they were to be field hands. The African slaves who were taken as POWs had no recourse in law to prevent their frequently bad treatment although those born into slavery did have certain rights (ie could not be severely punished or sold without a court case.)
    In any case, the purchase of black workers by European settlers in the USA was only made possible by the complicity of the African slaveholding nations. Therefore any Black Americans with a grievance should look first at their own society which exported them as commodities, since that was their own ancient and legal custom for disposing of POWs.

  6. seem to have bought into it entirely, what with their revisionist view of Martin Luther King as a "conservative" and all.
    How can you tell if someone's a cuckservative (like much of talk radio)? Their praise of MLK. Their knowledge of him begins and ends with that (mostly plagiarized) ''I have a dream'' speech. Or the ''he was a Christian minister'' (just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, and many others just like them) so therefore ''a conservative Republican''.
    Take some time and read the interview for Playboy he did back in '65 (it is SFW) and yes, the interviewer is Alex ''Kunta Kinte'' Haley:
    Haley: If Negroes are also granted preferential treatment in housing, as you propose, how would you allay the alarm with which many white homeowners, fearing property devaluation, greet the arrival of Negroes in hitherto all-white neighborhoods?

    King: We must expunge from our society the myths and half-truths that engender such groundless fears as these. In the first place, there is no truth to the myth that Negroes depreciate property.

    No truth to that eh? I don't think so, and neither did this guy who got force-fed the red pill.

  7. "...there is no truth to the myth that Negroes depreciate property." Look what it's done to the office of President of the United States...

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