Saturday, May 28, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Supervillains

I've googled around to find out if this is authentic without success, but it certainly seems authentic, because the social engineers who do most comic books these days do this sort of thing all the time — they take true, reasonable statements, and prove that they're evil and/or pathological by putting them in the mouths of their worst supervillains. I'm past the age by a long shot when I paid close attention to the comics, but I check collections out now and then at the bookstore. and the stories are indeed getting more and more "relevant" from the leftist point of view, giving the superheroes all the politically correct attitudes and speeches, while, like I say, putting any right-of-center sentiments into the supervillain corner.

My guess is that this little speech was written for the Red Skull( a Nazi who, as I remember it, was Captain America's nemesis) to deliver to show that all the right-wing movements in the country, from Trump to the KKK to the American Legion, are really ruled by evil supervillians. Comics fans out there, am I right? Send me more info on this story, and I'll print it.

I don't really know why I made this into a quibcag, except that I'm in the habit of making them, but below is the original I found making its way around the net.
Quibcag: That's Haibara from Detective Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン), who is very good at looking scary.

Late-breaking. Reader Charles Brennan says this is indeed legit, and sent along the whole page. I think you can click it to enlarge.
And even later late-breaking news: Article on all this:


  1. Even before someone sent you the printed page, it was obvious it was a actual scan. In the single panel, look around the lettering, there's a lot of grayscale .jpg artifacts. Here's an example of a 'toon done digitally, crisp black text on a white background - nice and clean. Had the text been changed with Photoshop (some even use MS Paint) at least some of the 'garbage' would have been removed.
    On the subject of comic books, of all forms of print, comic books will probably be the first to go extinct. Try finding one for sale outside of a specialty comic book shop or a convention, you'll probably have a very tough time doing so.
    When I was a kid, they were sold in many places, newsstands, bookstores, supermarkets, convenience stores. Now other than the 'digest' format Archie comics (because they can occupy the racks near the register that TV Guide and Reader's Digest once did) comic books have vanished from general retail. The only exposure those under 20 get to them are movies and licensed merchandise.

  2. Also, on that page you posted, here's some food for thought:
    Scroll down for the pic, that ad is being tweeted around with the hashtag #whatifwelost (WWII). A vision of a 'nazified' America - Leave it to Beaver with swastikas. Be honest, you'd be hard pressed to consider that would have been a worse outcome compared to how things are now. ''Tranny rights'' you think the Nazis would have put up with that crap? Black Lives Matter? Not to them. And think how Detroit would have fared post-war, I doubt it would look like a war zone.

  3. And there's a panel where Captain America said "Hail Hydra" that made the headline and become a meme