Saturday, May 21, 2016

More on "Cuckservatives"

Without much success, I've been digging around trying to find out who first used the term "cuckservative." Whatever its origin, it's a devastating term, and I wonder when Trump will get around to using it. It would seem to be right up his alley.

There's a little confusion about the term, because some people have shortened it to "cuck," which has led to it's being used simply as a shortening of "cuckold," and its political meaning is therefore lost, or, at least, obfuscated. So I advocate using it, when appropriate, in its full form. I use it to simply mean a self-proclaimed "conservative" who, nevertheless, accepts, for whatever reason, the moral standards and prejudices of liberalism, while abandoning the traditional conservative standards. For example, it's become trendy among such "conservatives" to claim that Martin Luther King was actually a conservative icon, and that the principle he espoused are the principles that conservatives should base their thinking on. This is, of course, totally the reverse of what conservatism used to be — MLK was, properly, understood to be an enemy of conservatism in just about every aspect.

For the record, Wiktionary says:


Blend of cuck +‎ conservative. Neologism created by the Internet to refer to conservative politicians seen as "weak".


cuckservative ‎(plural cuckservatives)
  1. (politics, derogatory) A weak-willed political conservative politician who is willing to capitulate to other political stances.  [quotations ▲]
    • 2015 August 13, Alan Rappeport, “From the Right, a New Slur for G.O.P. Candidates”, in  New York Times[1]:
      Use of the cuckservative hashtag peaked toward the end of last month, when it was used more than 5,000 times in one day, according to data from Topsy, a social media analytics tool.
Of course, the implications of the term go much deeper. It suggests a perverse willingness to capitulate, even a desire to capitulate, and an intention to capitulate from the very beginning.

In fact, it can be regarded even as a voluntary fifth column within the conservative faction, which never had any other purpose than to assist the enemy. In short, it is the enemy. When you encounter a "conservative" who seems to accept the liberal narrative on issues, and even uses liberal jargon in what seems to be an attempt to further the conservative agenda, but always somehow fails to do so, chances are you have a cuckservative in action.

But back to the term itself. One use of it has been in the content and title of Vox Day's book, Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America. I haven't gotten hold of the book yet myself, but I've been reading Vox Day for years, and it has to be a good read, so maybe you'll beat me to it.  Vox [link] reprints part of a review of the book:

Fourmilog review of Cuckservative

It is good to know so many intelligent people think well of Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America. From the Fourmilog review:
This is an excellent book: well written, argued, and documented. For those who have been following these issues over the years and observed the evolution of the conservative movement over the decades, there may not be much here that's new, but it's all tied up into one coherent package. For the less engaged who've just assumed that by voting for Republicans they were advancing the conservative cause, this may prove a revelation. If you're looking to find racism, white supremacy, fascism, authoritarianism, or any of the other epithets hurled against the dissident right, you won't find them here unless, as the Left does, you define the citation of well-documented facts as those things.

What you will find is two authors who love America and believe that American policy should put the interests of Americans before those of others, and that politicians elected by Americans should be expected to act in their interest. If politicians call themselves “conservatives”, they should act to conserve what is great about America, not compromise it away in an attempt to, at best, delay the date their constituents are delivered into penury and serfdom. 
Read the whole thing here:
And related to the whole "cuckservative" phenomenon, here's a piece at "The Right Stuff" you should take a look at:

Delenda est National Review

Quibcag: Illustrated by Ritsu of .K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  The quote is from a larger piece that you can, and should, read here: 

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  1. Delenda est National Review? Cucking them when they're down!
    But WF Cuckley might even agree.
    A standard SciFi or fantasy trope is the wise philosopher King who has become senile. The court then splits between those who obey the insane orders and those that go from ignoring to insurrection to overthrow.
    Back in the mists of memory, the response to Trump would be similar to that for Reagan. Now, in their dotage, ... well lets say going face down in a bowl of Cheetos is consistent.

    The great and excellent upside is there is now a clear line. Not a fractal that appears gray but a border which is on one side black, on the other white where people are declaring their allegiance.

    Zuck with Glenn the Cuck.
    Then NRA with Diamond and Silk.

    Strange bedfellows indeed, but the bed has a right and left side now.

    The best spin is that the "law and order" ideal has been perverted so as to accept a brutal and corrupt police officer (liberals in authority) disarm and handcuff you, then start the contest where you get beaten, tazed, and shot. "all fair".