Sunday, May 1, 2016

Libertarians Should Vote For Trump

Whenever I say that libertarians should vote for Trump, I immediately get the answer,

"Trump isn't a libertarian."

When I have in no way implied that he is. He certainly doesn't act like a doctrinaire LP member, and he's probably more inclined than I am to give government responsibility and authority.

But that's not the point. I just now got that reply again, plus the assertion that Trump wouldn't be good for the Libertarian Party, and this is what I answered:

First, no, Trump isn't a libertarian, and I haven't noticed anyone claiming that he is. I certainly haven't. Second, it's debatable whether supporting the LP is good for libertarianism. I'm inclined to think it isn't. Third, my position is that of all the viable candidates, Trump is most likely to keep the country functioning, and I consider the US, with all its traditions, to be, for whatever its flaws, the most important element in keeping the idea of liberty alive. You won't find the idea anywhere in the 3d world, you find zero in China, hardly any in Russia, and just a bit of it in Europe. If Trump keeps the country from going belly-up for a few more years, he'll have furthered the cause of freedom whether he intends to or not.

And I think it's hard to deny the truth of what I said. Seriously, of course, electing Hillary would just be another ratchet up to more anarcho-tyranny [link]. If somehow Cruz gets elected, he'll probably continue to make noises that sound good about freedom and border control, but all his actual energy will be spent guarding the Israeli border and otherwise crusading around the world while letting the immigration and trade messes fester even more. And if it's Kasich, God forbid, there will be some green-eyeshade talk, but the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama policies will continue without a ripple.

So, yes, a libertarian of the rational sort should vote for Trump. A vote for the others is clearly nuts, and a vote for whoever the LP nominates would just be posturing.


  1. Steven Dutch had some critique about the libertarian party that made sense to me. Plus there are some philosophical critiques I think I saw on Edward Fesser. Plus Dr Kelley Ross left that party for enough good reasons. While getting back to the actual Constitution of the USA is important I do not think the libertarian party would do so. I think Trump would do so.

  2. free trade favors the stronger economy and the most powerful economic model in the world has been developed in communist china which created the SSOC (super state operated corporation) . The US has copied that model out of necessity. No American multinational corp can survive without subsidies and yet trade surplus that China enjoys has not been eliminated. China trade can be transferred to
    especially with the development of robotic manufacturing eliminating the competitive advantage of chinese slave labor. Mexican immigration has been encouraged to acculturate mexican citizens for that reason. NAFTA was created for that purpose but once China was admitted to the World Trade Organization Mexico could not compete with Chinese exports. I think Pat Buchanan understands this better than I do, but I think that free trade with Mexico is desirable, but not with China, which is why Buchanan has endorsed Trump.