Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last Week, on "The Alt-Right Hotel"....

This quote was a reaction to next-to-last post [link] , and it really gets my mind speeding around. Would it be maybe sort of like the Zamenhof Hotel in The Yiddish Policemen's Union [link]? Maybe like the Royale, in STTNG [link]? It would be a detective-mystery show, of course. There would be a house "dick," detective, you know. And I guess the crimes and all would be based on the subtle, or not so subtle, variations in the "denominations" of the Alt-Right. Maybe the first episode would be "The Fourteen Words":

There's a murder in one of the areas in the hotel, and above the victim (portrayed by Tom Braidwood), written in blood, is the word "Rache." Now, the local cop, Inspector Lestumped (portrayed by Gilbert Gottfried) thinks the word was meant to be "Rachel," And the local cop's assistant, Sargent Doopin (portrayed by Dulé Hill) thinks it's the German word for "revenge," what with it being the Alt-Right Hotel and all. But the house detective, Sam Spud (portrayed by  Norman Reedus), knows that the word was actually meant to be "tracheotomy," which explains why the victim didn't cry for help when he was being murdered. And the solution to the mystery turns on figuring out what the other thirteen words were going to be. And that's all, because I don't want to give out any spoilers. I'll just add that the performance by Charlyne Amanda Yi as the concierge, Madame Daijoubu-san, is alone worth the price of admission. And George Takei, as her layabout grandfather, Yappari-san, is pretty funny, too.
Quibcag: Need you ask? Ranma and Akane of Ranma ½ (らんま½) are totally mesmerized by this hit new prime-time mystery show!
Jay's Tee Vee! How about this? I think it qualifies as second-order fan fiction about a nonexistent TV show. Sort of.

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