Thursday, May 5, 2016

Immigration Trumps Everything Else

Another complicated reference: Steve Sailer [link] points out that one of his commenters points out that:

The NYT’s mini-Nate says that Trump won despite his position on immigration:
“These are voters who showed a surprising tolerance for Mr. Trump’s extreme comments on immigration, women and other issues.”
Whereas most of us out here in the real world know that people have been voting for Trump precisely because of his unique immigration policy. You see, we know that we have an immigration crisis. We know that it's perfectly idiotic to import Muslims into the West at any time, most especially now, at a time when we're virtually at war with half the Islamic world. And we know that regardless of obviously absurd assertions that immigrants "help the economy" from liberals, neoconservatives, and libertarians who damn well should know better, that immigrants help the economy of  Zuckerberg and other fat cats by bringing in cheap labor so they can lower wages again and again. And bust unions, of course. And of course they also help the economy of government bureaucrats because they soak up a lot of government benefits. And their kids born here, who are of course not counted as immigrants, but who damn well are the result of immigrants, soak up even more.

And I, and others, will be holding Trump to that. And he's smart enough to know that, and egotistic enough to not want to disappoint us.

So, you know, despite the hand-wringing and pontificating of the talking-head liberals and neocons, I'll be voting for Trump so that he can fix the immigration mess. Nobody else on either side has the slightest intention of doing so.

And some of you may still be undecided, or think that we're making too big a deal out of the immigration crisis, because whenever you hear about it on TV, they're saying that people opposed to mass immigration are evil bigots and/or showing you tear-jerking anecdotes about "dreamer" kids who max out their SAT's and will cure cancer and establish world peace if we just let them stay here and bring all their aunts and uncles and cousins, etc., in too.

So if I'm unconvincing, look at what Vox Day [link] has to say:

The best argument for Trump

From a comment at Althouse:
Once you've allowed the barbarians through the gates, any swashbuckling ruffian who is willing to pick up a sword and push them back out again is an ally. We can worry about what the city should look like once we've put out the fires and have stopped the barbarians from actively setting more of them.
And, ideally, sent the barbarians back to their homelands. It's not about "illegal aliens". It's not about documentation. It's not about legality. It's about the largest invasion in human history. It's about the biggest mass migration in the recorded history of Man.

Mass repatriation or war. Those are the choices left to both America and the European nations now.

Choose wisely.

Quibcag: The swashbuckling ruffian who has picked up the sword is the adorable Akane Tendo of Ranma ½ (らんま½). And she represents Trump, of course. He wants the sword and tells us what he's going to do with it. Hillary wants to use the sword on us. 

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