Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If You Were a Libertarian, What Kind of Tree Would You Be?

The title is sort of a joke, based on the old Baba Wawa routine. But there are different kinds of libertarian. That's true in more than one sense, but what I'm meaning here is that different libertarians have different reasons or motives for being libertarians.

1.  Some libertarians are sort of contrarian dilettantes, AKA nerds,  that is, people who are attracted by offbeat ideas and can get all caught up in them. There's a little bit of that sort in me. The seem like nutcases to regular people who are interested in what people are supposed to be interested in, like sports or popular music. And, well, some of course are nutcases, but don't have to be. Just a little eccentric. Take me for example. I've been into Esperanto and other artificial languages, even developing my own [link], And I've always been a science-fiction reader — and that's a nerdy bunch. It doesn't necessarily include people who watch SF movies, but does include most readers.

2.  Another group is basically liberals, often social justice warriors (SJW's), who may have a touch of contrariness like #1, which leads them to be basic, standard liberals, except that they have a better understanding of things like economics and the Second Amendment, which modifies their liberalism and leads them to consider themselves libertarians. That's the faction I'm always trying to straighten out, because I think they do more harm than good.

3.  This is what I basically am. The standard American type, who considers the Founding Fathers the golden standard of freedom. We're libertarians because we consider personal freedom both very desirable in itself, and also a prerequisite for a progressing (not to be confused with "progressive" — See #2) society. We think in terms of establishing a political system and climate that effectuates self-sustaining liberty, which is why, unlike the #2's, we tend to discourage dysfunctional behavior, like weird sex, drug addiction, and other forms of degeneracy. We know damn well that a free society has to be sustained and defended, so we're in favor of a strong military and a stringent standard for immigration, only allowing immigrants who can and will help sustain and defend our system. Hint: This mainly won't include Somalis or Syrian "refugees." Like I say, that's me, with a touch of #1.

Finally, as Matt says in the quibcag, many libertarians, mostly that #3 bunch, but the others are welcome to take the red pill and help out, are leaning towards the alt-right position [link], which is that we can't just go around being libertarian and ignoring non-libertarians, but that we have to be proactive about it, and vigorously oppose those who would overwhelm us with their PC authoritarianism and globalism. And if this takes a little rough stuff, so be it. Lord knows the enemy is glad to bloody some noses.
Quibcag: The swordgirl is Ranma-Chan of Ranma ½ (らんま½)


  1. I would put the Founding Fathers and Constitution as less the "Gold Standard", but a machine, that if we would have maintained it (or could repair it) is the best functioning machine in recorded history.
    It isn't defective, but like an automobile, you need to put the right fuel in and top off and change the oil periodically - it might be the gold standard but requires its members to have a heart of gold.

    As the "left" has become more militant, many libertarians have shifted to alt-right since a purely defensive posture is clearly futile. Those who don't are typically some form of chickenhawk that dream up "dispute resolution organizations" that will do ... something against the armies of the Caliphate and the criminals and the rest instead of buying firearms, ammo, and practicing regularly.

    But when "leave each other alone" isn't reciprocated, heads explode (or in the physical realm, various organs void themselves in a stinky mess).

    Leave me alone because NAP is a nice thought, but a hollow point.

    Leave me alone because if you don't I'll shoot you and my Gun is loaded with hollow points seems to create anarcho-libertarianism, politeness, and darwin awards for criminals without further effort.

    Philosophy v.s. Pragmatism:

  2. Oh, to answer, a Christmas Tree. Dropping Tannen-bombs and needling many.

  3. I'm going to have to cogitate on this some before I write at length about it, but one difference between libertarians is those who ask, "Does it fit the NAP?" and those who ask "Does it make more people more free?"