Friday, May 27, 2016

Camille Paglia Strikes Again!

If it's by or about Camille Paglia, I read it. Frankly, it still blows my mind that she continues to call herself a "feminist," because she's the unlikeliest feminist imaginable. Really. If your picture of "feminist" is anything like mine, and in this day and age, it probably is, Camille Paglia is the virtual opposite of it. First off, the quote in the quibcag — Your basic feminist hates the military, and only takes interest in it when there's a move afoot to devalue it, by sending girls to VMI or putting ladies in combat units, to show how irrelevant masculinity is. Camille values the military and the military virtues, which she recognizes as being overwhelmingly masculine. She's also into this "facts and logic" thing, which most feminists dismiss as constructs of the Patriarchy with no real existence.

And, of course, contemporary feminism of whichever "wave" you care to mention is basically just one arm of the left, with little actual relationship to the stated goals of feminism. And again in the quibcag, Camille Paglia shows contempt for the basic rainbows-and-unicorns "play nice" dogma of the left.

All this, you could say, comes down to realism: Camille Paglia is a realist. Standard mainstream feminism, like standard mainstream everything else these days, is not realistic, and takes pride in being unrealistic, though they like to call it being "idealistic." This interview is from the Wall Street Journal [link]:

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

The cultural critic on why ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization.


Read the whole interview here:
Quibcag: The three military girls are recruitment mascots for the Japanese Self-Defense Force. I found them here:

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