Friday, May 27, 2016

An Irish Bull on the Mexican Standoff

I like diversity, in the sense of having a lot to choose from. Not in the sense of having everything thrust on me with no choice allowed or even implied. The difference is obvious, but when you point it out to our SJW's they tend to hyperventilate and screech for "safe places," because they can't stand the idea or anything or anybody being actually excluded, for any reason whatsoever. That's Hitler stuff.

One nice kind of diversity is what they call parallax [link]. It's a physics term, but physics terms and the concepts they signify very often are applicable to other fields, like anthropology and politics. It's like this. If you look at a star with your telescope, you can tell so much about it. If you looked at it six months later, when the Earth has about 186 million miles because it circles the sun, you can also tell so much about it. But when you put those two observations together, you can tell a lot more about it. For one thing, you can come up with a much better estimate of how far away it is. And other things. Do read the link, or google "parallax."

And there's a metaphorical parallax when  you check to see what Americans are thinking, and then what other people are thinking, and compare them. You often get, as in physics, more than double the info, because two points of view can lead to conclusions neither point could on its own. And that's one reason I read the Irish Savant regularly. I also read him because he's downright entertaining. Today [link] he had this to say about America, Mexico, immigration, and you-know-who:

An opening for Donald

The American Presidential campaign got yet another insight into Latin American electioneering yesterday in Albuquerque as a Trump rally was violently attacked by an army of Spics. "Parents escorted scared kids past the chaos, and eventually police even set up a mounted horse unit to deter the crowds. However this was not enough, as protesters eventually began to riot. Rocks and bottles were thrown at police, and the protesters were eventually able to break through barriers, allowing them to rush the entrance of the convention center, at which point the riot police responded with tear gas."

Ah yes, la Democracia Mexicana. Explain to me how mobs of rioters intimidating White Americans while waving Mexican flags and burning American ones is supposed to damage the Trump campaign. I don't think the wetbacks really have a handle on this democracy thingy, no more than do their leaders south of the border. But that doesn't stop them berating their American counterparts for their inhumane treatment of the 'migrants'.

Here's Presidente Neto "'I think it's discriminatory, yes, and it's unfortunate for a country whose formation and historic origin relies so much on the migration flows of many parts, Europe and Asia, for instance.....and that's why it's unfortunate to hear the exclusionary and discriminatory tones regarding migration flows into the United States." And his predecessor fumed at the 'intolerance, hate and discrimination' endured by the unfortunate Mexicans criminal freeloaders roosting in the USA.

So can we take it then the Mexico itself operates an open door immigration policy?  The Mexican legal code is quite specific. Would-be immigrants must provide birth certificate, documentation of financial independence and cannot have a criminal record.  You'll get refused if you're you're not 'physically or mentally healthy' or do not enhance 'the country's economic and national interests'. And how about this: Immigrants that risk upsetting'the equilibrium of national demographics' are booted out!

And boy, does Mexico boot them out.  Unlike in the US where illegals are showered with housing, education, health care, driving licenses and even get elected to City Councils, Mexico treats deportation backsliders to a hefty jail term before dumping them across the border....penniless and abused. As happened to thousands of Cubans summarily deported in 2008. Is there then a clamour for 'immigration reform' in Mexico?  Well, again no. Because Mexico has a battery of laws prohibiting non-nationals from political activity. And can be quite firm in tackling its own stroppy protesters, often gunning them down, hundreds at a time.

I'm waiting for Donald to point out this blatant hypocrisy and double standards. In fact I'm amazed he hasn't done it yet.  It's a powerful riposte and complements nicely the disgraceful behaviour of the illegals who now swarming over the whole country.
Quibcag: The illustration I found on the net, just googling for Trump hat anime. I of course photoshopped the text on the cap to make it fit the posts. The quotation is from here [link].

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  1. I think that the savant might have overlooked an important factor: most of these identity groups rioting and protesting are NOT immigrants. They're ethnic minorities who've been educated by white Liberals in American public schools to believe that they don't need to assimilate.

    No border walls are going to fix THAT problem.