Friday, May 6, 2016

A Trump Interview From 26 Years Ago

Guest post by Matt Bailey:

Came across an interesting thing yesterday, a 1990 interview with Trump in Playboy. The rumored "inconsistency" of Trump has been greatly exaggerated when it comes to his core issue:

"I think our country needs more ego, because it is being
ripped off so badly by our so-called allies; i.e., Japan, West Germany,
Saudi Arabia, South Korea, etc. They have literally outegotized this
country, because they rule the greatest money machine ever assembled and
it’s sitting on our backs. Their products are better because they have so much subsidy.

We Americans are laughed at around the world for losing a hundred and
fifty billion dollars year after year, for defending wealthy nations
for nothing, nations that would be wiped off the face of the earth in
about fifteen minutes if it weren’t for us. Our “allies” are making
billions screwing us.

How do you feel about Japan’s economic pre-eminence?

Japan gets almost seventy percent of its oil from the Persian Gulf,
relies on ships led back home by our destroyers, battleships,
helicopters, frog men. Then the Japanese sail home, where they give the
oil to fuel their factories so that they can knock the hell out of
General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. Their openly screwing us is a
disgrace. Why aren’t they paying us? The Japanese cajole us,
they bow to us, they tell us how great we are and then they pick our
pockets. We’re losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year while they
laugh at our stupidity.

The Japanese have their great scientists making cars and VCRs and we
have our great scientists making missiles so we can defend Japan. Why
aren’t we being reimbursed for our costs? The Japanese double-screw the
U.S., a real trick: First they take all our money with their consumer
goods, then they put it back in buying all of Manhattan. So either way,
we lose.

You’re opposed to Japanese buying real estate in the U.S.?

I have great respect for the Japanese people and list many of them as
great friends. But, hey, if you want to open up a business in Japan,
good luck. It’s virtually impossible. But the Japanese can buy our
buildings, our Wall Street firms, and there’s virtually nothing to stop
them. In fact, bidding on a building in New York is an act of futility,
because the Japanese will pay more than it’s worth just to screw us.
They want to own Manhattan.

Of course, I shouldn’t even be complaining about it, because I’m one
of the big beneficiaries of it. If I ever wanted to sell any of my
properties, I’d have a field day. But it’s an embarrassment, I give
great credit to the Japanese and their leaders, because they have made
our leaders look totally second rate.

A group of Japanese visitors to New York was recently asked
if there were anything in the U.S. they would like to buy. The answer:

That’s fair trade: They’ll take the towels and we’ll buy their cars. It
doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. They have totally outsmarted the
American politician; they have no respect for us, because they’re
getting a free ride. Of course, it’s not just the Japanese or the
Europeans–the Saudis, the Kuwaitis walk all over us."

On Trump's conservatism:

"Well, if I ever ran for office, I’d do better as a Democrat than as a
Republican–and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, because I’m
conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me. When I
walk down the street, those cabbies start yelling out their windows. "
Now of course the Democrats have totally alienated and pissed on the White working class, and become a coalition of various fringe freaks. So 26 years down the road, it makes more sense for Trump to run as a Republican.

Trump being very real on an issue that is actually vastly unimportant, I mean what other answer can you give. But honest answers in this case would prevent one from saving the Bible-thumping rube element of the Republican party from economic implosion:

"As the weeks went by, I found I liked, poking through the hooded
dare-me eyes with rapid-fire changes of topic, watching for surprise.
Often he parried with rehearsed answers, but we spent enough time
together that we entered genuinely fresh territory. When I asked for his
stand on abortion, he frowned, pouted and asked me to turn the recorder
off. He didn’t really have an opinion–what the hell was mine? It was a very human moment."
Quibcag: I don't know where the working-class girl came from originally, but I found here here:


  1. Everybody seems to forget that Regan started off as a Democrat as well

  2. I was in NY during those years and I remember that everything Trump was doing in NY was good for the public. He made money by doing common sense things. And by his making money everyone benefited.