Monday, May 30, 2016

A Dissenting View from a Suicidal Ethnomasochist

There's crazy, and then there's suicidally crazy. In the first instance, you can at least hope to maybe say some day, "I told you so." But with the second, that isn't an option. Even less an option if the suicidally crazy manage to take you with them on their psychotic little journey. They won't be there to hear you say it, and you won't be there to say it to them.

In answer, evidently, to this graphic [link] this morning, I got this response from somebody in the Netherlands. My attempts to reply are interspersed:

The problem is that the real threat against a free society is already in. There is no place to send them back to. 

[Not so. People migrate from A to B every day. No reason why they can't migrate from B to A.]

Even those that seem clearly to be from another origin often are at least second but more often third generation. You cannot send them back anywhere, because they belong where they are. 

[Same misconception. If third- generation, say, Syrians, belong in Belgium, then fiftieth-generation 
Syrians in Syria damn well belong there, and shouldn't be allowed to immigrate.]

The only thing you can do is improve education and being inclusive to all, because often the bad reactions come about because of a lack of inclusion. I have seen both Belgium, where inclusion is a real problem, and the Netherlands, where inclusion is more in our DNA, and guess where the terrorist attack was? And yes, they were 100% belgians, just marginalized in the belgian society because of where their family comes from and how they look.

[The "inclusion" thing is hard to argue with, of course, because when terrorists strike, all you have to do is say they weren't included enough, and therefore it's the victims' fault. And, of course, when they are included, the host country is said to be destroying the immigrants' culture, by trying to assimilate them, and that's an excuse for terrorism. If Muslims stay in Muslim countries, and Christians stay in Christian countries, there's no reason for conflict, but that's reason and logic, and has no place in discussions of immigration, of course. Moreover, in this case "improve education" can only mean that the indigenous people — Belgians, Dutch, whatever — must be propagandized to be ashamed of their own race, culture, and traditions, and to admire the comparatively inferior and dysfunctional culture of the immigrants, with their obnoxious sexual customs, mistreatment of women, child marriage, and other little ideosyncrasies.]

My boss has a very nice expression that can help you with this: doodknuffelen (hug to death). If something goes bad and you start to fight it, they feel not listened to and fight back, and they have nothing to lose. If you embrace them instead, hug them to death, that means they see no need to fight back and they get invisible with ease. Avoid suppression if you want to solve integration problems: you should be the best option they want to belong to, go to.

[We've heard that one before! Disarm yourself, prostrate yourself, give them whatever they want, and then they'll have no reason to hurt you. But then they hurt you anyway, and the liberal deep thinkers come up with new excuses for them, and it still ends up being the victims' fault.]

Have you ever heard anything quite as crazy as "doodknuffelen"? Do you have any suggestions about how I could talk this person out of his ethnomasochism? This is the problem, of course. Once we in the West reach a consensus and decide not to put up with hostile immigrants, we'll solve the problem in about a week. But how do you reach a consensus with doodknuffelen people?
Quibcag: Here Urabe of Mysterious Girlfriend X (謎の彼女X. Nazo no Kanojo Ekkusu) is simulating craziness by performing a Franco-Japanese gesture called "Akanbe" or "あかんべえ ". Read about it here


  1. Do you have any suggestions about how I could talk this person out of his ethnomasochism?

    This person is male? And he thinks all problems are solved by group hugs? There's your problem right there.

    My belief is that crazy ideas on immigration are only a symptom. The underlying disease is the feminisation of western society.

  2. It is a question of identity. As long as someone thinks of an idea as fitting the perception they have of themselves, they will be likely to adopt it. For example, a person like this most likely believes in the idea because he sees it as liberal and humanist. It is therefore necessary to make the argument that it is neither. You can't convince him to part with his identity, but you can convince him that the idea does not fit his identity.