Friday, April 22, 2016

Women Voters

Should women vote? Now, before I answer that, let me make a couple of points. Obviously — to anybody but, say, a liberal — twelve-year-olds shouldn't vote. That's not because there are no people of that age at all who could be expected to vote responsibly, but because most of them could not at all. Most of them. Now, the idea of voting, as far as I'm concerned, isn't at all about the right to vote, but about having responsible voters. The two ideas get confused a lot, but basically most of us think that only mature, sensible people should have the right to vote. Liberals and other idiots, of course, think that maturity and sensibility have nothing to do with it, and everybody should have the right to vote no matter how stupid and irresponsible they are.

And that brings us to women. Of course, a lot of men are horrible voters, but statistically, women are even worse. For one thing, they mostly aren't even interested in public policy, and therefore don't know anything about it. For another thing, women tend not to be as cooperative as men are, and political compromise doesn't make any sense to them at all. And as the quibcag indicates, women tend, far more than do men, to get all sappy and maudlin and vote in self-destructive ways.

And if what I've said doesn't have your dander up, just wait till you read the below from Bob Wallace's site [link].

Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote or Run for Office

I need use no example except for that corrupt monster know as the Hildebeast. If women were not allowed to vote she would be known only as Bill Clinton's drunken, lesbian "wife." And not scare the smart with her delusions she'd be a good president.
Only one question needs to be asked: are things better since women have gotten the vote? I see no evidence that this has happened.
Many women are natural fascists/socialists, and they put safety above all, including freedom. And since men - specifically white men - invented about 98% of everything in the world, and women have invented about one-hundredth of one percent, why should any women have any say in something they did not create and instead ultimately destroy?
Only someone who has no understanding of human nature would allow that.
Carl Jung once said that women are biologically indispensable because the have the babies and men are culturally indispensable because they created everything. Today, women are declining to have babies except they still expect men to create the culture - and "careers" for barren women. Or attempt to let them "have it all" - babies and career!
Ha! For all practical purposes it's impossible.
If women were not allowed to vote of course they would whine about not being allowed in the boy's treehouse. And they always want in. I guess they figure men are always having some kind of party in there and are engaging in a conspiracy to keep them out.
If only they knew how wrong they are.
Quibcag: The "ladies" are from Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul")


  1. States should make their own rules.
    Wyoming granted suffrage in 1869.
    The problem is the suffragettes didn't want to move to Wyoming, they wanted to ruin the whole US - and note the 17th amendment made Senators subject to voters, not the states. Reversing that would be even better.

  2. Women voted Hitler into office. Had they not been allowed to vote, Hitler would have been just another failed painter. All the men voted against him.

    1. That's ridiculous. It is conservatism that loses at the ballot box, not Hitlerism. But you're so awash in propaganda you can't see that it'll take a Hitler to turn things around. The only way Hitlerism can be defeated is by quantity over quality = massive bombing.

  3. You keep saying that, but it's counterintuitive for me. Link?

  4. It's not just women. I came to the conclusion on women voting myself perhaps fifteen or twenty years ago, but the immivasion and "refugee" situation really cemented this in my mind. But again, it's not just women. Originally, only male property owners could vote. I see no reason why that should change other than to also disqualify *every* person who receives more in State benefits than he pays in taxes. Letting welfare recipients or State employees vote for more of my labor to be given them free makes as much sense as my children ruling my household. All money represents labor and thus our system allows the layabout to enslave the productive worker (and his children through government debt financing). Those who are dependent on government should have no say whatever in public affairs, yet we prove our insanity by allowing the village idiot to rule us. And this model is repeated everywhere. Wars are begun by people who risk absolutely nothing in war. Government spending is dictated by those who receive *far* more in benefits than they pay in tax. Immigration is decided solely by the third world primitives who decide they'd be happier living on the dole in America than back home in a mud hut with no plumbing.

    It is all very much as if this system was decided upon by asking the question, "What is the absolute most retarded way we could run a nation?" And, alarmingly, all of this is ultimately the fault of those who fought, bled, and died to bequeath us a rational system and Constitution. These men, without a fight, just gave up everything they had fought to gain.

  5. I absolutely want the voting age Lowered to 14, we need more Young voters for real change to happen.

  6. Speaking as someone who personally loves treating women nicely and finds them to generally be enjoyable company, I'm inclined to agree. The whole feminism movement has done nothing good for women except remove them from homes and into offices. That's taking a fish out of water but apparently suffocating due to lack of water is 'air-breather privilege'.

  7. Women love ''big government'', it's no coincidence the 20th Amendment (prohibition) was enacted shortly after the 19th (universal women's suffrage) the same activists were pushing both simultaneously.
    While property owner (back when open 'unowned' land could be claimed into ownership) is outdated, the idea of the vote being extended to net tax producer - i.e. pays more in taxes then claims in cash/cash-like (food stamps/EITC) benefits.
    I hope you're being sarcastic, the reason 14 year olds cannot vote is the same reason aren't permitted to enlist in the Military, drive, engage in sex acts, or many other 'adult' activities.
    They are not considered responsible for the consequences of such activities, and voting is also such a responsibility.

  8. Please read "The Right to Vote" by Alexander Keyssar. It is regarded as the most authoritative research on the history of suffrage in N. America. Suffrage was extended to women for a very specific reason...and in the 70's a gender gap became apparent for very specific reasons. If you read the book I hope that you will consider friending me on fb and perhaps write an essay on what the scientific and historical research has to say on women's suffrage.