Saturday, April 9, 2016

When one door closes, some dumb-ass open-borders "libertarian" opens it up again.

In response to something I wrote pointing out that mass immigration could change the character of our (or any) nation, a "libertarian" wrote:

US is now multi-ethnic, and pop is large, so we need not fear cultural loss.

Or, you might say, the floor is dirty already, so why not ---- on it? And, we're now multi-ethnic, meaning that we didn't use to be, and that's cool, too. I remember when people of his sort, like LBJ and Ted Kennedy, were telling us, fifty-some years ago, that their new immigration law wouldn't change the makeup of the country, so we wouldn't ever become multi-ethic. That of course was a damn lie, just like "we need not fear cultural loss." is a damn lie now. So libertarians have taken up the torch from the liberals, and are lying in the service of immigration treason now.

And I guess having a large population means... something. I guess he thinks we're like China, and can absorb conquerers. Evidently, suddenly having gangs of murdering Somalis in places formerly full of nothing but phlegmatic Lutherans is something we need not fear, either.  I checked this "libertarian" out. He's a university lecturer. This is the kind of wisdom we pay for our kids to soak up in college. 

But in contrast to this "libertarian" university lecturer, who is too cool to fear cultural loss, and who can hardly wait till the Syrian "refugees" get here to enrich us all, old fascist bigots like you and me and the Dalai Lama really don't want to cede our countries to anybody and everybody.

This is something that really needs to be worked out among libertarians, people. The liberals and neocons, of course, do want open borders and mass immigration from the Third World. The liberals want it because they hate Americans and want them replaced by anybody else, and they hate all American institutions and traditions, so they especially want millions of immigrants who also hate these things and can be counted on to help the liberals do away with them. And the neocons want the same thing because they're all liberals at heart, too, and they also want cheap labor to hold those wages down and wipe out the uppity White middle class, who can't be counted on to vote the right way.

So, libertarians, let's agree on one thing. We want as much liberty as possible, right? So how about let's not import millions of foreign paupers who don't know liberty from libertine, or libration for that matter, and who will sign up immediately for as many tax-eating freebies as they can, and who will vote for politicians who promise even more freebies. Let's agree to fight the liberal/neocons on that issue, okay. Or, if you want to help the liberal/neocons with their population-replacement program, please stop calling yourselves "libertarians," and opt for a more realistic term for yourselves, like "liberal," "neoconservative," or "useful idiot," and leave the "libertarian" designation for those of us who are realistic. Deal?

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