Sunday, April 17, 2016

Those Leftbertarians Again, with Input from Ilana Mercer

I keep running into left-libertarians on the net. Sometimes they actually call themselves that, but more often they insist that they're the real libertarians, while people like me are the usual fascists, bigots, etc. What I fear is that the center has moved again, and that, for the most part, these special snowflakes are beginning to dominate the libertarian movement.

And you can't tell them a damn thing. They're omniscient, bless their little hearts. I trace part of this to the slogan we've all heard, that libertarians are "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." That made sense several years ago, when the phrase was coined, and "socially liberal" simply meant tolerant. But that ship has sailed, and liberals today aren't tolerant in any sense whatsoever. They're downright intolerant of normal people doing normal things, and when it comes to "alternate lifestyles" — homosexuality, transgenders of every kind, polygamy, you name it — they see "tolerance" as just a mild form of bigotry, and insist that any and all dysfunctional behavior be not just tolerated, but also accepted, endorsed, praised and celebrated. And laws, of course, be warped around to arrange all this. The wedding cakes for homosexuals and all that. True, there are a few holdouts even among left-libertarians who say that free association still allows one to refrain from doing business that is against your own moral code, but there are plenty more who brush all that away and say you should bake the cake, let the transvestite in the little girls' room, and teach kids that Heather has two mommies.

And, along with buying in to the leftist narrative on practically everything, the left-libertarians have also appropriated leftist debate tactics, which I refer to in the quibcag. And if they talk like a duck,  walk like a duck, and argue like a duck, it could be that they're just ducks, no matter what they call themselves.

Well, feel free to use this quibcag whenever leftbertarians pull leftist tactics on you, or any of my quibcags when they might help illustrate your arguments, or just when you want to annoy hell out of net-idiots you encounter.

And speaking of what I just spoke of, Ilana Mercer [link] refers to the same phenomenon on her blog.

Like The Left, Left-Libertarians Weaponize The ‘Nativist’ Pejorative

Et tu John Stossel? Austin Petersen? On the latest John Stossel Show (whose website seldom carries any contents-driven updates or transcripts, too unhip), the pejorative “nativist” is being bandied about to malign the concept of borders in a welfare state, where welfare is a magnet. Due to open-borders immigration central planning, America, as I’ve warned in Into the Cannibal’s Pot, is headed to dominant-party status like my native South Africa. But left-libertarians wish to do away with borders before private property has been reinstated as the governing principle in American society. 
Anathema, too, to left-libertarians is the idea that liberty has a cultural and historical context—it is not a proposition or a mere idea easily assimilated by all. Hell, look at Bernie Sanders’ platform and its many American supporters! Do we need to import more Bernie voters?! 
Check out my homeland South Africa, RIP, where the minority had imagined the black majority would be bound by the same political abstractions—that fellow black South Africans would relinquish race as an organizing principle, in favor of a constitutional design, because hey, that just how people are. It’s second nature. 
Didn’t happen. Won’t happen. 
In the left-libertarian universe, the perspective of someone like myself is discounted by fast-talking youngsters who’ve yet to be mugged by reality and human nature

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Quibcags: The first is illustrated by one of those K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  girls, dressed up like a communist (or maybe just a left-libertarian). The second is illustrated by Rika Shiguma of Haganai (はが.ない)

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