Thursday, April 14, 2016

South KKKorea

Lately, here and there on the net, I've encountered a lot of earnest SJW's accusing the Japanese of being racist because they aren't welcoming millions of "refugees" into their country. That's a little perplexing, because I remember being told over and over that only White people can be racist, by pretty much the same brand of SJW, when any Black behavior is every alleged to be just a teensy-bit anti-White. But maybe they're thinking of the Japanese as honorary Whites. That must be it. I remember elsewhere reading that if you rank countries by their average IQ, Japan comes in second place. Not that anybody would think racism and intelligence are correlated. Surely not. In fact, I also remember being told, also by SJW's, that only very stupid people are racists.  Interestingly, on the same list, guess what country is number one. Damned if it isn't South Korea, and it turns out that they're a bunch of racists, too. It must be something in the kimchi.

And one of my favorite bloggers, the Irish Savant [link] says that they're the most racist country in the world, which, I guess, makes their rank as the most intelligent country in the world even harder to understand, what with anti-racists being so brilliant and all. But fear not. If Irish Savant has named a terrible problem, he's also come up with a wonderful solution:

Remedying Korea's race problem

I've read recently that South Korea has been deemed the most racist country in the world. The horror! Whether true or not a recent report from one of the UN's gravy train riders (the splendidly named Mutuma Ruteere - 'you can rut here, Mutuma') has identified severe problems. From his report and many others it seems the explanation lies in Koreans' ignorance of the wider world, and by implications the benefits of diversity. And I suppose we could forgive them that, given that they've done quite well on their own so far. For instance in 1957 they had the same per capita income as that of pre 'independence' Ghana whereas now it's more than twenty times higher.

"In one way or another, racism affects almost every foreigner in Korea. But being black here is different. Whether African-American, African or not even black but mistaken for it, experiences in Korea are tainted by the perception that blacks are lower than other races: Blacks are violent, unintelligent and poor. Black Americans are not really American, and are inappropriate teachers for Korean children. The local media continues to be flooded with racist sentiments, advertisements and perceptions. It’s painful and it’s widespread."

"Black people report difficulty getting taxis, even when Koreans and whites get them on the same street. Some say cab drivers go so far as to make illegal U-turns into traffic to avoid picking up black passengers. Some Koreans will refuse to get into elevators with black people, and will often change subway cars to avoid being near black passengers".

On the other hand “there were meanings associated with the color white – peace, being a peaceful people, purity,”

Oh dear.

And the cause of this wrong-headed view of the po' blacks? It seems "American movies and music influenced Koreans to see blacks as dirty, poor, violent slum-dwellers. The U.S. way of looking at black people came to Korea so Korean people looked at black people just like Americans did.”

Right. So I have a great idea. Why doesn't the Western media create movies and TV shows with blacks in lead roles, as professors, doctors and scientists...and who are brave, intelligent and resourceful? Why not include an occasional black person in an advertisement, and in a positive role? Why not affirmative action blacks into high positions, positions way beyond their abilities, even to the level of US President? Why not encourage White women to see black males as ideal mating material?

I know these are crazy ideas. We all know they represents an inversion of reality. But wouldn't it be worth it were they to correct Korea's racism problem? And now here's another suggestion. According to this Korean journalist 'our racism is based on sheer ignorance'. You see - and he's right - only a tiny number of Koreans (here are some) have had direct experience of living with blacks and their (cough) 'culture'. So why not organise Cultural Exchange Programs whereby groups of Koreans spend a few months soaking in the authentic Black Experience in say.....Haiti, East St. Louis, Camden, Liberia or Somalia.

It'd certainly cure them of their ignorance, that's for sure.
Quibcag: You're right if you think it's not very closely related to the post, but I really couldn't pull an appropriate quote out of the post, and what is said about libertarians somehow reminds me of the SJW's in full fustian condemning these awful East Asians in both countries who'd rather not be enriched by oceans of vibrant immigrants. As for the illustration, I have no idea why the girl is listening to her hamster with earphones. Or maybe it's vice-versa.


  1. Hey ex-Army, glad to see you posting more often.

    All I can say is that the libertarian thing is bye-bye. It's headed for the extremes, finally.

    1. As a party, sure. As a "word," it's getting more popular, I think, but it's also turning into a branch of liberalism.

    2. Baffling. When was it ever mainstream?!

  2. A lot of the Korean attitude toward blacks is based on bad behavior by black GIs stationed in Korea. A dindu in uniform is still a dindu.

    And if they want to see real hardcore racism, they should try North Korea! Even the Chinese are seen as inferior there.

  3. I had no idea there are blacks in any of the Koreas.

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  5. I spent a month in Korea with work. My co-workers spoke on 2 subjects alkost exclusively with me -gender (wominz be crazy), and race (specifically muslims/arabs and blacks be crazy and violent).

    SK women have a real thing for tall white men though. Just a couple of dozen words in Hungul and a demonstration of reading their alphabet made thier underwear disappear.... Magical.

  6. To me, calling any human "racist" is like calling him or her "airbreatherist". We are all racists because racism, in the sense that we perceive racial differences and generally prefer those of similar race to ourselves, is simply part of our instincts, like a fear of heights, bodies of water, and snakes. Those are survival instincts. Those who had them survived and those who didn't died of falls, drowning, or snakebite.

    That said, the "oriental" peoples-Japanese, Chinese and Koreans in particular-are more generally and profoundly racist than almost any other peoples.

    I was 'lucky' enough to have been stationed in Japan before the AIDS epidemic. In those days any reasonably well mannered and clean American serviceman could get as much sex as he could handle from the Japanese girls, but it was clear that it was strictly recreational to them. You were still gaijin.

    The only people on earth who are clearly insufficiently racist to survive as a distinct people are Western European, English, American, and British COmmonwealth (Australia, Canada, NZ, etc) whites. Eastern Europeans are less deluded, and in most European countries (and the US, see Covington and the tattered remnants of Pierce's National Alliance) there seems to be a small remnant of racially conscious whites who might form the nucleus of a white revival.

    But basically, we're doomed. The last substantial bastion of a sizable white population were the Mormons, and they're done.