Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Liberals Who Think They're Libertarians

There are a lot of liberals out there on the net who either think they're libertarians or want everybody else to think they are. Some of them have learned enough libertarian rhetoric to sound plausible. Here's what one of them just said to me:

If you are a libertarian nationalist, you simply are catering the rednecks. Which means you advocate state determination of societal structuring. Liberterianism, if aligned to any political ideals, is about individual property rights, not about nationalism, nor redneck discomfort about people speaking spanish in Walmart.

I assume he means "catering to." Obviously a liberal at heart, with his gratuitous use of the term "redneck." He rejects nationalism, and implies that having a nation at all is some kind of "societal structuring," that is unacceptable. But opening the borders to everybody and endangering Americansn' property rights is A-OK, and somehow irrelevant to "societal structuring," whatever he might mean by that. And of course his anti-White sentiments shine clearly through. With libertarians like these, we don't need any liberals.
Quibcag: Obviously inspired by the liberal/libertarian described above. Illustrated by a girl from Lucky Star (らき☆すた RakiSuta)


  1. Quite Hypocritical for a guy who fetishizes anime women (a japanese creation)
    We don't like nationalism (black, white, american, spanish) because we don't conflict between people who have nothing more than ethnic differences. Think about Quebec and Catalonia and how many lives and businesses have been made miserable because of the uncertainty as well as the pugilistic stances of majoritarian parties? Its not because we hate white trash, its because we want friendship rather than distrust.

    1. Good for you. In exchange for your trust, maybe they'll kill you last.

    2. Why do you like anime (which is clearly NOT white) but have suspicions about arabs?

    3. You have made a common mistake, and that is assuming nationalists hate all other groups of people. I actually support Russian nationalism myself but I have no Eastern European blood to speak of. Just because we think we're better than everyone else doesn't mean we hate them.

  2. Here is a chart which should be helpful to everyone who has trouble keeping all of these newer identity social constructs straight.