Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jackson v. Tubman

No, I don't want to put Harriet Tubman on the twenty, or anyplace else on the currency, and I want Andrew Jackson kept right where he is. And I can't think of a woman, other than an abstraction like Miss Liberty, that I want on any of our money either. I'm not going to get all PC and deplore Jackson's treatment of Cherokees or slaves or anybody else, as is done even in the reprint below. Who else from that era is held to modern politically correct standards? Just other White men that the Cultural Marxists want to smear. If the bozos who want to glorify abolition need to be inspired by pictures on money, they cant get a five out and stare at Abe Lincoln all they want. And, for that matter, we have lots of Presidents who haven't yet been honored by being put on money. How about Teddy Roosevelt? Polk? Coolidge? Garfield? Hell, Harry Truman?

Most of the people who want to "honor" Harriet Tubman don't know the first thing about her, and their motivation is nothing more than to signal-virtue themselves by trampling on the memory of a great American President by replacing him with what, I suppose, they view as his opposite — a Black slave. Their motivation might go a little deeper than that, too, because Jackson was not only a White man, he was a Southern White man and an anti-elite Southern White man. He championed the cause of the White working class against the bankers and everybody else. And you know what the PC opinion is of the White working class, don't you? Yeah. Ignorant yahoos with jobs. Trump voters. All that they love to hate.

James E. Miller, over at Takimag [link], tells us some more about Andy Jackson.

Chopping Down Old Hickory

Instead of wishing he’d shot Henry Clay, I bet Andrew Jackson is now wishing he could plug Treasury
Secretary Jack Lew.

This week, Secretary Lew is expected to announce that Andrew Jackson’s visage will be wiped from the $20 bill in favor of a woman’s. Thanks to the wildly successful rap musical Hamilton, based on the life of founder Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the nation’s financial system will keep his place on the ten-spot. That leaves Jackson’s neck on the chopping block, as the Obama administration seeks to replace a stale, old white man with a feminine figure representative of our enlightened ideals.

The idea of removing Old Hickory from the federal note is not unpopular. Both Time magazine and The Washington Post have endorsed the purging of the seventh president. The New York Times editorial board wants Jackson gone from the twenty as well. These self-righteous ninnies can’t get over the fact that President Jackson was a slave-owning chauvinist who refused to genuflect before the Washington aristocracy.
“Jackson’s effect on how we view government is reason enough to keep his saber-scarred face on our money.”

The anti-Jackson bromides are not only wrongheaded but ignorant of the president’s impact on American democracy. Jackson was a man of ferocious ambition, of unworldly perseverance, and of seemingly unbreakable grit. He went from orphaned teenager to the highest office in the land, battling enemies far more powerful than himself along the way. His honor-driven frontiersman style is an American motif that has popped up periodically through our history. His effect on how we view government is reason enough to keep his saber-scarred face on our money.
And more on Andrew Jackson here [link] and here [link].
Quibcags: Don't know the provenance of the girl in the first, but the second is Ayumu Nishizawa from Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!).


  1. Jackson on the $20 was the Fed's way of mocking him and his legacy since he was whole heartedly against our modern system of usury.

  2. Why The Central Bank Dropped Jackson on the $20 & Kept Hamilton on the $10 by Truthstream media:

    Not perfect but informative.

  3. Let them put this negroid on their scrip. Its not real money anyway, and the more people eschew this rancid system the quicker it will collapse. I cannot wait until the niggas start a rampage breaking ATM machines and then claim that money is theirs cause there be a black face on it. Those machines have nothing but twenties right? They will trust me.

  4. I think it is an attempt to destroy real American heroes and replace them with trash.

  5. From what I've been told recently, in addition to that big Colt revolver with which she'd been pictured in the one engraving that jerkoff Jack Lew is emphatically NOT going to use on his re-design of the $20 Federal Reserve Note, Harriet Tubman carried a loaded double-barreled shotgun on her trips escorting escaped slaves along the Underground Railroad, always taking "drag" as each party crossed the border into Canada.

    Not just to deter pursuing slave catchers but even more to emphatically make it plain to the eloping slaves that there was truly no turning back for them.

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