Friday, April 22, 2016

Gay Black Pastor Insults Himself, Blames Whole Foods

I remember hearing a lot about the incident described below when it first happened — that is, I heard that this atrocity took place. Then, later, I heard that it was maybe a hoax, but I heard a lot less than I heard in the first place, because for some reason, in the media, a hate crime is infinitely more interesting than a hate crime hoax. It spoils the narrative of the left, you see. That's why you've heard about a lot of hate crimes, but have heard much less about their turning out to be hoaxes arranged by the alleged "victims." They've been happening regularly for quite some time [link]. And I never did hear that the perpetrator of the hoax was Black until I read John Criag's piece on the incident, reblogged below from his Just Not Said blog [link].

Munchausen's, liberal dishonesty, or just an ordinary scam?

Yet another hate hoaxer has been unmasked, this one an openly gay black pastor, Jordan Brown. He claimed that after he ordered a cake with icing spelling out "Love Wins," he received a cake spelling out "Love Wins Fag."

Here is a statement from Brown's attorney Austin Kaplan:

“Pastor Brown never asked for this to happen. He continues to be overwhelmed by the feelings of pain, anguish, and humiliation because of this incident. He frequently shopped at Whole Foods, which makes this all the more shocking and disappointing. What really concerns him is knowing that unless some action is taken, this kind of thing could happen again, and that someone else might have to go through a similarly excruciating experience.”

Practically breaks your heart, doesn't it? 

And how noble of Brown that his real concern is not any monetary gain or attention for himself, but the thought that "someone else might have to go through a similarly excruciating experience."

Except there was one little glitch: as the security cameras later proved, it turned out that Brown had added the extra word himself.

So Kaplan's statement is actually true in that regard: Brown never asked for this incident to happen: he simply made it happen.

Does Pastor Jordan Brown suffer from Munchausen's Syndrome, that "disease" (which only sociopaths seem to suffer from) which "compels" its sufferers to go to extremely dishonest lengths in order to gain attention and sympathy?

Is he another Leftie who simply wants to further his cause by any means necessary?

Is he simply another sociopathic con man who figured he could squeeze a few bucks out of deep pocketed company with his scam?

Or is he some combination of the above?

Whatever he was, he certainly fit the well-worn pattern of recent hate hoaxers: they all come from the Left, and they all fit the description of a "victim" as defined by the Left. Worse, they seem to revel in that description.

What conclusion can you draw from the fact that all of the hoaxers come from the Left?

And, if you believe in the concept of hate crimes, isn't a hate crime hoax really a hate crime
Quibcag: The pensive girl is Kagome, of Inuyasha (犬夜叉).


  1. This sort of thing happens all the time. The perp is invariably the person who complaines yet the media "Never Learns".

    YT, you are the Washington Generals.

  2. Now stop being racist/homophobic, guys. Sure he lied but how else is he supposed to make a living? It's not like he's preaching a popular message or anything. Why, he might even need to (God forbid) do some work! The horror!