Thursday, March 3, 2016

You're our only hope....

Well, not only, but our latest and best, certainly. I wonder what Romney's going to say today. Maybe he'll advise Trump to handle Megyn Kelly like he, Romney, handled Candy Crowley four years ago, by kowtowing and wussing out. We Republican don't want to be so vulgar as to argue with a lady, do we? I may be sort of vulgar myself, but I think I'd rather have an aggressive winner than a gentlemanly loser.

What does Romney think he can accomplish here, other than to deliver the election to the Democrats? At least he's good at that sort of thing. He's done it before.

I don't want to repeat myself, like Ricky Ricardo Jr. (or maybe he's Ricky Ricardo III), but I'll say it again. If Romney, or anybody else, tells you that  sucking up to Wall Street, waging perpetual war in the Middle East, globalism, and bringing in tens of millions of Third World immigrants are "conservative" principles, he's lying to you. All of those things are liberal principles, which the neocons have smoke-and-mirrored us into thinking are somehow different than what the Democrats are up to.

Trump isn't a perfect conservative, but his proclaimed policy of at least being careful who we allow to immigrate, and arranging trade deals that are to our advantage and which discourage businesses from relocating overseas and taking our jobs with them are the sort of things conservatives ought to be emphasizing instead of economic and tax policy that serves their donors and chip away at the middle class. To put it another way, Trump differs from the Democrats in the ways that count. And the people voting for him seem to realize this on the gut level, while the talking heads seem to think he should emulate great Republican loses, like McCain and (ahem) Romney.

While we're at it, do any Ex-Army readers have any swell ideas for a running mate for Trump? I recommended a dynamite ticket-balancer a few days ago, Duncan Hunter [link], And we're certainly all being teased about the idea of Chris Christie. And there's also the remote possibility of Kasich, who would certainly help with carrying Ohio. And a Kris instead of a Chris, Kris Kobach, has been mentioned as a possibility.

And the Anonymous Conservative has a delightful idea for a running mate here [link[.

And now the ball's in your court.
Quibcag: Again, not really a quibcac, because it's not Illustrated By a Cute Anime Girl, but rather by a graphic I swiped from the Unz Review [link[.

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