Thursday, March 3, 2016

The "Republican Establishment" and its trouble with Trump and why

This is sort of a guest post. It's actually a comment on a Steve Sailer post over at the Unz Review [link].

Taboos maintain the walls of power and privilege. Trump weakens taboos, therefore threatens vested interests. He opens up the narrative and inspires others to say and do like him. Power is maintained not only by what is said but by fearsome rules of what cannot be said. After all, glastnost and the overton window/wall in the USSR undermined communism in the USSR of the 1980s.

Trump isn’t open borders on immigration but open borders on the narrative. His style and brashness are like ‘barbarians at the gates’ for the ruling Jewish elites. He is like the uppity Negro who finally looks in the eyes of his massuh and says NO. Jewish massuhs cannot tolerate the white man looking directly in the eye and saying NO to them. Jews cannot stand uppity whites. Chutzpah is reserved for them only. Ironically, Trump is like Jack Johnson, and he keeps knocking out all these ‘great goy hopes’ put forth by Jews. Romney is the latest one of the ‘hopes’.

As for genteel respectable gentile conservatives, they lost all legitimacy since they lacked the balls to speak the truth about globalism and its threat to Americans. Just like German upper class sold their souls to Hitler to keep their status, gentile conservative elites sold their souls to Jewish globo tyrants to keep theirs. Respectability with integrity and courage is worthless. It is all look, no substance.

Respectability is only as good as the real face it is masking. Conservative Establishment wears a respectable mask but lacks integrity and principles. It’s all about lobbying for privilege for themselves without any regard for nation as a whole.
Quibcag: The illustration is from Miyazaki's Whisper of the Heart.


  1. I am very pro Trump. Many Jews, especially the young collage ages, are going Republican and conservative and pro Judaic Christian values. This started more than ten years ago, and is increasing.

  2. As good a place as any to reiterate a draw from an article by historian Clyde Wilson:

    "Apparently millions continue to harbor the strange delusion that the Republican party is the party of free enterprise, and, at least since the New Deal, the party of conservatism. In fact, the party is and always has been the party of state capitalism. That, along with the powers and perks it provides its leaders, is the whole reason for its creation and continued existence. By state capitalism I mean a regime of highly concentrated private ownership, subsidized and protected by government. The Republican party has never, ever opposed any government interference in the free market or any government expenditure except those that might favour labour unions or threaten Big Business."

    [See ]

    1. I am to a degree aware of that. But what I was trying to say was that basic nationalistic and traditional American values are becoming much more important to the younger generation.