Sunday, March 20, 2016

Takimag's "The Week That Perished"

Every week I read "The Week That Perished" over at Takimag [link]. I usually don't refer to it, because it's just a compendium of news items, though a very good and well-written such compendium, as you can see from the quote,  and doesn't lend itself to reprinting or excerpts, but today's quibcag comes from it, and I want to refer you all to it. This particular quote particularly grabs me, because I'm originally from Indiana, and it also exposes the "hate" thing once again. Most Americans and most of us on the right don't hate anybody, but we're constantly accused of it. Why? Simply because it's much easier to accuse someone of hate than it is to refute their arguments.

And everybody who opposes the agenda of the left has damn good arguments, because the left — and today the left includes everybody from the liberals to the neocons, and their useful idiots who more and more dominate the libertarian movement — is determined to wipe out the American people and replace them with a docile mix of immigrants who will obediently vote for more and bigger government.

So all of us who oppose the left — we're variously called the alt-right, the real right, paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, libertarian nationlists, etc. — are marginalized as much as possible by the leftist establishment by being accused of hate and dismissed as racists, bigots, etc.

And, of course, now we have a candidate to support, Trump, who is the first such candidate since Reagan who looks like he might actually get elected, so the left is trying its damnedest to marginalize him as some kind of ignorant bigot because he actually seems to be pro-American instead of pro-everything else.

Well, I digress. The purpose of this post is to encourage you to read "The Week that Perished" every week at Takimag, and, for that matter, to read everything at Takimag every day. I do. Herr's the URL:
Quibcag: The girls are, of course, from Lucky Star (らき☆すた RakiSuta).

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