Thursday, March 17, 2016

More on blaming the victim, a common leftist tactic

If you've heard talking heads blaming Trump for any of the violence or threatened violence, ask yourself if you remember Trump saying or doing anything that encouraged violence in any way. You'll find nothing. On the other hand, you can find all kinds of leftist rhetoric threatening and advocating violence against Trump. Just Google. And remember to look at what Trump has done and said, not what leftists and neocons have characterized what he's done and said.

This is nothing new. The left always uses such nonsensical rhetoric against its opponents, especially against Republicans, even such benign wussy figures as Mitt Romney was accused of everything from bullying to rape. They've done it just about as long as I can remember, starting with goofy old Nixon — they blamed him for the violence in Vietnam, though it was all started up by LBJ. They decided they had a good thing going, so all Republicans afterwards, from Goldwater to Trump, have been called evil, violent, racist, misogynist bullies.

But Trump is something special. Worse than Goldwater or Reagan, the most hated-by-the-left up to now. Because they're really afraid Trump might actually reverse the trend, not just slow it down. He might actually stop importing welfare recipients and jihadists from abroad. He might actually cut us some decent trade deals. He might, just might, keep us from wasting more lives and money in the Middle East. Why, he's already signaled that he doesn't want to have World War III with Russia, a major goal of the neocons in both parties. And he also says that he has plans to stop business from shipping American jobs overseas, and given his business background, he probably knows a good way to do it.

So they have to stop him, for crying out loud, to save their phony-baloney jobs, in the MAG (Media, Academia, Government). So expect more and more rioting sponsored by George Soros and his pals on Wall Street and elsewhere, as Trump gets closer and closer to power. And here's what Stefan Molyneux has to say about it all:

And here's Jack Kerwick on the same subject:

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