Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Matt Bailey explains why Trump "gets it."

This is a guest post from Matt Bailey [link] in reaction to my last post:

The average extreme liberal on race has led a life sheltered by money or geography from the lower class of other races. The kind of people who grow up and live in neighborhoods with $200K homes, go to university, and work white collar. They thus have no sense of what it's like to live around the Black underclass, or why importing a glut supply of blue collar labor from Latin America is a bad thing.

Donald Trump is an exception btw, because he grew up in the family business of providing housing to lower and middle classes, before pivoting his own career to providing housing for the rich. He has done things like knock on a tenants door while standing aside, in case a slug comes through it. He had seen neighborhoods turn bad . He knows.
Ex-Army speaking now: And may I add.... This explains the difference between Trump and your average rich guy in general, not to mention the average guy who, while maybe not rich, grew up isolated from racial reality for a number of possible reasons. There are, you know, small towns around the country that are virtually all White, and even some small cities like that. There are people who grew up in such places (and stayed there) who honest to God believe that racial differences are "superficial."

This ignorance through isolation principle also applies between countries, of course, which is why Europeans in general and Scandinavians in particular are so ridiculously naive about racial matters. When their idiot governments admit a few million more "refugees," maybe they'll start to see reality.
Quibcag: You guessed it! This is Hinagiku from Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく! Hayate no Gotoku!).


  1. Why do you Americans pretend you understand Scandinavians? It's so simple, Scandinavians are the way they are so they will not be attacked or economically beggared by the Anglo-American combine...(ie.) because of WWI&II.

  2. I don't pretend to understand why Scandinavians welcome invaders, but their leaders do. Of course, so do Anglo leaders and American leaders. But I don't understand how welcoming Third Worlders to one's country prevents exploitation by the Brits and Americans.