Monday, March 7, 2016

Hillary, Control, and Lefties who think they're Libertarians

Just a quick one here. It's odd to me what a menagerie of leftists are to be found these days calling themselves "libertarians." One has been reacting to just about all my posts lately with words like "ignorant," "fascist," "bigoted," etc. — All the jargon that the lefties have been teaching one another for decades now. And while all such left-libertarians give lip service to some basic libertarian principles like gun rights and free market capitalism, it all is definitely secondary in their little minds to promoting the leftist values of tolerance — which they morph into approval — of any and all deviant behavior, mostly involving sexual perversions that I surely don't need to list, plus that liberal slash neoconservative holy grail, mass immigration and open borders.

Back to that recent "libertarian" commenter. He objected to my recent post that proclaimed that Democrats and Republicans agree on open borders [link]. He said that no, they don't, and that all Republicans want a wall.  You can't help but wonder where he gets his news from. I told him that no, the only Republican who said that was Trump. He replied that Marco Rubio wants a wall. Too bad Rubio didn't  have this guy working for him.

Me, I'm not ready to yield the name "libertarian" to a bunch of lefties. Though, so as not to confuse people, I do use "libertarian nationalist" in most connections.  What the heck. One more graphic. This one found on the net.

Quibcag: The quote is from a commenter over at ISteve, obviously [link].The illustration is from


  1. When someone says they are a "left libertarian", and i use quotes because its an oxymoron, I seems to mean that they want to do as many drugs as they want and have the government take care of them.

  2. Part of the problem IMNSHO is that too many libertarians, like too many of Boobus Americanus in general, never shook off the years of indoctrination in the government indoctrination camps (public schools) about Ellis Island, happy immigrants weeping with joy at the sight of that goddamn statue in New York Harbor, and the Melting Pot.

  3. The original Libertarians were Communists (not Socialists however). It's the social conservatives who have hijacked the term.

    Tolerance and Approval are not the same thing. But the people who keep going on that rant to justify their intolerance are creating a strawman.

    And I can't get over the irony of someone constantly proclaiming the inferiority of non western civilizations using Anime images to promote his blog.