Thursday, March 3, 2016

Et Tu, Mitt?. .. ..

Well, he certainly did a nasty job very well. Very elegant back-stabbing. He basically just repeated all the antiTrump clichés we've been hearing for some time now. You can, of course, call just about all politicians at the running-for-president level phonies, including Mitt himself. Well, not Ron Paul. And such accusations of being phony can always be proven, more or less.

He certainly sounded different four years ago, when Trump endorsed him.

Well, about all he did was provide the Democrats with some nice sound bites to use during the general election.

Pardon me for rambling. This is stream-of-consciousness stuff. Riddle me this. How is it that Mitt can do the polemic character assassination on a fellow Republican, when he absolutely refused to criticize Obama in any way during the last election? Oh, he quibble about policy, but he, like McCain before him, practically volunteered to serve as a character witness for Obama. Is it a race thing? Was he so terrified of the "racist" accusation that he couldn't refer to any of Obama's flaws? Of course, Trump is a White guy, so no problem.

That's kind of a summary of our problems. White guys ripping hell out of White guys, while giving anybody and everybody else a free pass.

Another way to look at is is that Mitt called the millions of Trump supporters stupid. Me, now,I won't even say that people who vote for Rubio the Amnesty Advocate are stupid. Ignorant, yes, because they listen to the news, and the newsclowns carefully don't mention Rubio's treacherous conduct in that respect.

So those of us who want fewer pointless wars and better trade deals and not so much transfer of manufacturing jobs overseas are "stupid," while people voting for Republican Business as Usual aren't?

Finally, don't let anybody kid you. It's hard to photoshop a hat.

Oh, this just in:

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